Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What do i write about?

Would you believe that the same Uzo that was obsessive about blogging cant find the time to write. Okay so i wont exactly blame time. Its more that i have so much going on but cant put the words down for fear of revealing way tooo much.

I will say that some pretty interesting things have been happening to me - some good, some not so good and some i am not sure what category to put them in. This has resulted in mad shopping sprees including the purchase of the sexy pair of pumps that i am wearing right now. I strutted into my meeting feeling like a million bucks. Ran up and down the stairs and i was fine. Its like 12.40pm now and the toes pinch a bit. Ah, the hazards of being cute. So i have discreetly slipped my shoes off under my table. LOL....I dont care. I can deal with pain. Wish i could take a picture but my excuse for a camera has given up the ghost and that procrastination has caught up with me. I could take a picture with my phone but i dont really know how to work this funky phone. LOL

My friend Daddy's Girl has made me so proud at work and of course all the haters are doing their thing but i say, show them to me let me pull a "300" on them....A little inside joke for those that have seen the movie.

Please go and see that movie. I have seen it 3 times and would see it again in a heartbeat. Gerald Butler. I mean sure the movie is beautifully shot, and the action sequences are cool, and its a great story of bravery and courage but let's get down to the koko - Gerald Butler as King Leonidas is perfection. Standing tall at over 6 ft, with the wavy jet black hair, body to die for (who knew thigh muscles could be so sexy), a beard thing, strenght, his voice, his ability to be so gentle with wifey but smite a man with one strike...I could go on and on but i wont. And let's not forget the rest of the 300 - his soldiers. Ah Ah. Any guesses on the object of my latest fantasies, screensaver and wallpaper?

So i am rambling and i will confess that i went out of my way to do a "proper post" cos Bella Naija ordered me to.

Oh.....i got a marriage proposal. LOL...Well i have been asked over and over by this man. But get this - I get to be wife number 2. Isnt that just such a treat? I mean what else could i want in my life.....


Daddy's Girl said...

Gosh Uzo, you're such a tease... I'm sure I'm not the only person reading this post and thinking 'ok, what is she not telling us?.. I wanna know'. I feel you sha, it's hard to reveal without unconsciously revealing too much.
Anyway, I have to congratulate you on the marriage proposal - it's not everyday one of those comes along (or maybe I should just speak for myself LOL) Second wife huh? LOLLL Imagine that.
Awww... thanks so much for being proud of me... I feel so so honoured and special.
And please do not get me fantasizing about the wonders of Mr. Butler and his '300' - I'm supposed to be working not fantasizing... gosh Uzo, this is so not fair. How will I concentrate on work now?

Oh... and I'm first (at least I hope I still am)!! And I want to see your shoes o. Find out how to work the funky phone. LOL

LondonBuki said...

LOL!!!!! Ok, Ok, I'll ask my friend if she wants to see 300 tonight.

I want to start wearing sexy shoes but I know that I walk a lot in London... what to do? Take a picture of the shoes jare!

Ok... DG I am proud of you too o... I don't know what you did but if Uzo is proud, I am too! LOL!!!

I am curious... :-)

zaiprincesa said... shoes to work, Uzo???..u should know to carry a pair of flip flops or flats as backup once those toes start cackling... i the only person that hasnt seen 300???

Ms zee said...

I have seen 300 6 times... yep.. first time i paid 8$ at the movies, 2-4th time i paid 0$ last time was bootleg actually not a bootleg as the movie came out last yr in diff parts of the continents.. I got the blueray DVD from Miko and it was awesome.. 300 men for everyday of the year and NO I am not a perv, it is a fantasy.. The movie is about leo finally understanding the meaning of True love and yes I am a fun spoiler so if you have not watched it, leave now!!! He calls to his lady, his queen, his heart just before he dies... I am swooonnnn.......

@ your shoes hurting. no biggie, the things we do to be cute and sexy..... If you feel like a mill bucks, to hell with the pain.

@ your marriage proposal, good luck with that....

Enjoy the rest of your day..
Ms Zee

Biodun said...

Wife number 2! the guy is somethin else! I am yet to see 300, plan of seeing it this weekend!

Anonymous said...

oh how bloody exciting.. I mean this guy is just the shiznit... I already like the sound of him... he could've made you his third or fourth wife.. but because of the judicious and exemplary love and emotional feelings he has for you, he chose you second. Of course you weren't first because he wanted to make his mistakes first... if you agree to be his second wife uzo.. this man will scale the adewole mountains, run through onyekachi valleys and soar through the hafisat sky just to retain your love.

Oh uzo, I can tell this guy is a true original romantic... and he has now put me in the mood to sing the melodiouis tunes of femi akinpelu:

Verse1: You are my sweet potato, you are my sweet tomato...

If you come into my life... I will always make you proud... oh baby.. trips to london... and romantic tours in spain... journeys to paris.. it will never be in vain"

"Sissy Uzo... baby uzo... fine girl Uzo... will you marry me... will you be my wifeeee... ohhhhh... will you marry me"

Verse 2:
"Oh sweetie uzo... let me take you away... we can go to the las vegas of NIgeria... Abuja be him name. Darling Uzo.. make me a happy man... I want you to have my third son... so you can inherit my house in Ikoyi"

Repeat Chorus

Ad-libs: Baby uzoooo... yay yay yay!!!
Sweetie darling... original pineapple... ohhhhhhhhhh
My only salad... the potato in my girl... oh uzo... you're in a million.. yay yeah yayyy... ohhhhhh'

(Sing chorus in c-flat tone until fadeout.... )

Bella Naija said...

Ohhhhhhhh U did a proper post! yay!
i wish I was first tho :(
Where do I start, I lovvvvvvvve 300, when the lad said he wanted to go see it, I was like 'oh hell no', now I have seen it twice....damn that Gerald Butler, white dudes are not my forte but I will def make an exception. Enough of my gushing..

Wife No 2!!! Dude must be

Wish we could see the shoesssss

Have a fabulous day darlin...ciao

Nyemoni said...

Congratulations on your marriage proposal, even if he wants you to be the second wifey... Not to worry, your No1 is on his way... you just don't know it!
I will go and see the movie soon o.. Heard too much of it!

azuka said...

Been a while.

Well, good luck with the pumps and I hope you get many more marriage proposals [un]like that!

Calabar Gal said...

Congratulations on d marriage proposal. So you have acepted wife no 2 position and you are giggling about it abi? YEYE!! LOL!!!

300 huh? I must look out for it.

Ugo Daniels said...

300 is da bomb. pure classic. if yu havent seen it yet, ya missing, i tell ya!

omohemi Benson said...

Wife number 2,haba e try sha no be wife number 6! lol.

I am a spartan woman because only spartan woman bear real men!
I have it watched o!
Get round to workng your funky fone and post a picture of the pumps.pretty please

Noni Moss said...

Ahhh - Alhaji Dankoko asked you to marry him to? Shameless. He asked me to last week! He wants 2 new wives at the same time? Na wa oh! :-D

What are you not telling us? tell tell tell! I totally feel you on the being busy stuff - hope things calm down soon.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE 300. It is so so so amazing :-D and yes would so see it again.

As for the shoes ..... gurrrrrrrrrrllllllllll lollllllll. I'v started doing this thing where now that spring is here and it's getting warmer I can wear any shoes without fear of freezing my toes off. So i've been rocking all my neglected heels. I'm loving it. There's nothing like wearing cute sexy shoes to work - such a rush! Have a great weekend honey!