Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Des'ree - Life

Oh my! I had a truly rested weekend and its back to work with full force. I just got a chance to do this since i have been tied up all day.

This song brings back so many memories from my college days in england. My friend and flat mate - Ms H loved Des'ree and would play this song over and over and over again. While i liked this song, i will say she truly made me love it. Imagine a little lady - about 5 feet tall and really petite grooving to this song and she could dance too. I miss those days.

Anyway, Des'ree is a truly gifted vocalist and there are a few of her songs that i prefer to this that i am sure will become soundbytes at some point. I chose this song for today 'cos its upbeat and cute and just so great for today. Enjoy!

*If you would like this song, leave me an email address in the comments section. I owe people some songs which i will try to get out today so check your inboxes*


LondonBuki said...

Hello :-)

I like this.... reminds me of my first couple of years in England.

Nyemoni said...

I love this song.... it's an old favourite of mine.... I sing it whenever I go for Karaoke...Thanks for stirring up old (nice) memories Uzo!

Bella Naija said...

Heyyyyy Uzo,
I need a proper post from u ASAP!
Ummm...this somg...I used to lovvvve it! Then Channel O decided to muder it by p;aying it every second so I started really hating it!
Its a great song though...very catchy!

I am still waiting on that blog post

Calabar Gal said...

I want not only this song but a whole load of other songs. Pray where do I go to get gospel music for my mp3? I'm just not ready to buy off the net. Looking for the free ones. (smile)

Everchange said...

hi Uzo do you have a blog email add that I can reach you at?

Uzo said...

@Calabar Gal: What is your email address so i can send you all the gospel stuff i have?

@Everchange: Its uamuta@yahoo.com

@Bella: Okay..i did something..LOL