Tuesday, February 13, 2007


My life has been one very serious drama filled soap opera the last 2 weeks or so. And you know what they say: It doesnt just rain, it pours.

After leaving my doctor this morning and driving to work, i was at the end of 3rd mainland bridge and trying to navigate this pothole when i am thrown forward. Yup. Someone ran into me at top speed. Well i brought my car to a halt and came out feeling a little shaken and the culprit? An old man with coke bottle glasses in a jalopy of a red car of no known brand. I checked my bumper and while it was scratched, it was minor. The old man then told me it was all my fault. This is the point where i knew that i am thoroughly fed up with life. My reaction. I didnt cuss, yell or scream. I simply looked him in the face and said "you are an old man and you should know better". Thats all i said. The man actually looked taken aback especially since some passersby had already started to yell at him.

Anyway, i got into my car and drove to work. Not one tear (which is my trademark. I cry about everything), i didnt feel anything. I set up and started my work for today.

So, this isnt a case of needing a vacation. Going somewhere interesting. I just want to check out of life for like 2 days. I remember reading a very long time ago about some spas/resorts that are sleep spas. You check in, get knocked out and wake up a few days later. That's almost like checking out of life right so that looks so tempting right now.

But the thing with life is there are no breaks. You dont get to check out. You cant tell everyone to leave you alone. You cant not go to work. You cant not live. Well some people can but that would mean clinical depression and tons of medication.

You just deal with the hand of cards you have been given and keep at it. Keep going. You deal and you keep at it. Therefore, in the spirit of taking it all like a trooper and living, you compartmentalize the issues you have to deal with and bring them out when you're ready. Some may call it denial. Whatever it is. Life is calling me to fulfill my obligations so here we go:

My song of the day is:

Kenny Lattimore - You

The history of love concert was so great and one of the highlights was meeting the absolutely beautiful Taurean Minx. She is soooo cool. Chante Moore and Kenny Lattimore were amazing. Chante is such a beautiful woman and so luminous. She was glowing. Anyway, this song i have always loved. But i got tired of hearing it at every wedding and being butchered. But when Kenny sang this song, i cried a little and fell in love with the song all over again. It is truly a beautiful song so enjoy.

*If you would like this song, leave me an email address in the comments section*


snazzy said...

men, you are thinking deep thoughts, and seem to be going through a "life's a bitch and then you die" phase. Here's to hoping it doesn't last. After all, your blogger bachelors are still waiting for your decision. Take care

LondonBuki said...


THAT OLD MAN sef!!! Thank God you were not hurt!

Life can get very frustrating, and you question why you do anything at all... I hope your mood changes for the better.

Sometimes, I am so tempted to go away by myself, not speak to anyone I know... just be with ME. Then reality bites - I have to work, I love seeing my Mummy, I have to take public transport (which can be so frustrating) and so many other responsibilities.

I know my birthday is in June but I know I am going ALONE to a SPA for a weekend, amongst other things.

Why do I always end up talking about myself in your comment section? I am sorry, it's just that some times I can relate to you...

Hope you feel better, take care of yourself.

I'm not sure if I know the song, please send to me.

Nyemoni said...

Gracious of you to respond to the situation that way.. really sometimes you just have to let things be. Thank God it was only a minor scratch on your bumper!

Now, on to the History of love concert... I heard about it..Taurean Minx? All I can say is babaalaye is one lucky man eh? :-)

tolu said...

Thank God you are okay. Was in something similar as well. I'm sorta of going through the "whats the point phase" but God dey oh.
Hope your mood changes and you find a reason to not want to check out for a few days :)
Oh could i get the song pls (tolufadekemi@gmail.com)
Thanks and have a fab day.

TaureanMinx said...

Hey Uzo, awww like I said it was nice to meet you too. Sometimes life can be quite a drag, all you have to remember is that an up always follows the down though. Chin up girl!

Daddy's Girl said...

Hey Ms. Bachelorette (I suspected it was you!) Thank God you are ok and the damage to your ride was minimal.

Like you said, sometimes we want to take a break from life - but we just have to keep trucking on - and ultimately that's what forms character within us and makes us strong enough to handle all the storms that life will most definitely throw at us.

Of course my birthday mate Chante Moore is beautiful - everyone born on February 17 is gorgeous! Seriously though, I really like this couple, I saw their TV interview on Saturday morning and I thought they seemed so refreshingly down to earth.

Please send me this song. Thanks dear.