Wednesday, February 07, 2007


LL Cool J Ft 112 - Walking down the Aisle

What a song! Another special song even though its relatively new. I am an LL fan and the first time i heard this song, i simply smiled. Something about a "tough man" revealing a soft side. Anyway, a very special person to me fell in love with this song and played it all the time. In his car, in his office, at his house. Goodness. All the time. I learnt the words to this song in no time. It was quite amusing to hear him "singing" along. I admit, its a "real" song. Listen to the words - i especially like the part when LL talks about her father giving her away and giving him the tough guy eye. LL says he completely understands as he's losing a diamond. Enjoy!

*If you would like this song, leave me an email address in the comments section*


LondonBuki said...

Please send this to me, haven't heard it... Thank you :-)

tolu said...

oohhh pls send it to me as well. Havent heard it. Oh year and uzo dear i didnt get he last song (Your song)


Adunni said...

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez could u send it to me toooooo?
Thank You.

Yours Sincerly
Oliver Twist.