Thursday, February 08, 2007

An extra on politics....

I shy away from discussing politics or religion because i get really passionate and its so hard to be objective. Plus people get really really into this and it can quickly get personal and degenerate.

I have to say that i am very very proud of my blogfam. The comments shared on my last post were respectful but concise. We agreed/disagreed with each other using valid points that are food for thought. I love that. And my guess is that most of the people that left comments are of my generation which makes me so proud and optimistic.

Anyway: a radical thought. There is a part of me that doesnt think that there will be elections at all. Maybe the Niger Delta crisis will escalate. Maybe the government will stage some incident. Obasanjo will declare a state of emergency and stay on to keep the peace.

So many things can happen between now and April. I just hope that it stay relatively clean and bloodless.

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uknaija said...

Gosh I just posted on the Niger Delta thing...great minds and all that eh?