Monday, February 12, 2007


I hate Mondays and i think i have said this so many times on this blog. But i dont hate this Monday as much as the others since i had a wonderful weekend thanks to Chante Moore, Kenny Lattimore etc. I will put up my post on the show sometime today.

I have decided that my song today is going to be about the greatest love of all:

Amazing Grace - Harlem Boys Choir

God is the reason for love. He is the reason for the gift of voice that these wonderful performers have which brought us all so much joy. He gives broken hearts strength to love again as in Chante's case. He gives creativity and energy which made Dbanj's performance amazing. He gives life which allowed me to get up, get to the concert and get home in one piece. His grace and love for us all is beyond words.

This song is one that i am sure most people know. The difference is that this version is a vocal masterpiece. There really are no words to express how beautiful this version is so just listen and enjoy!

*If you would like this song, leave me an email address in the comments section*


tolu said...

Just read about your encounter on friday.
Wow is all i can say. Makes one wonder....hmmmmmmm

Could you please send me the amazing grace song (
Dont think i've heard this version.


Daddy's Girl said...

Hey Uzo, glad you had fun on Saturday night. Would you please send mw this song? Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for His Grace.
Could u pls send me the amazing grace song:
Thanx and pls dont stop blogging.