Monday, February 12, 2007

Shocker Part 2

So on friday on the way out, i wrote a few lines as i was leaving since i was a lot taken aback.

I was getting ready to shut down and leave for dinner, i decided to take some stuff to my car. I stepped out, opened the trunk of my car, put some stuff in there and shut it. Suddenly i felt a tap on my shoulder. I figured it was someone i work with when i turned around and actually stepped back. In front of me stood this man. I didnt know who he was at first but his appearance scared me. I had seen him about half an hour before going up the stairs and while i thought his appearance was weird, i figured he had to be here to see someone right?

Anyway, he was dressed in mismatched clothes, had weird hair. Like an afro but not well maintained - sort of tangled really. He was standing so close to me and he was oozing. I mean he stunk. And then his eyes. Manic eyes. I was scared and wondered what the hell this man wanted from me but i couldnt shake the feeling that i he looked familiar. I began to look around for any of the security guards in case i needed to make a run for it.

He then said my name - "Uzoma Amuta. How are you. Long time oh"

He said my full name. Very weird but he had to know me then. So i simply stared at him. Then he mentioned his name and where he had met me many years ago and i almost fell to my knees.

He looked nothing like i remember. I couldnt say anthing. I just stared at him. He then proceeded to tell me what he was doing at my office. How he was related to someone here and how he had it rough the last few years. He said he would look me up and asked if i lived at the same address? I was too stunned. Then some words just came out of my mouth that i should have done a better job of not saying

"You seem very excited. Are you on something?"

I dont know why i said that and i cant believe i said that. His reaction was what threw me. He backed away from me a little and then advanced and then he laughed and said he was a little blazed right now and was it that obvious.

Couldnt he see himself? He then asked about my husband - he said he heard i got married and my parents. I just answered in monosyllables. Then i said i had to go. As i managed to wangle myself away from him without allowing myself to touch any part of his body, he asked if i could spare N2,000 to help him out. I said i didnt have my bag here. You know he said he would wait. I ran in, grabbed some money, gave it to him and went back inside and wrote those lines.


LondonBuki said...

Wow... I don't know where you met him but he must have been a completely different person back then!

Daddy's Girl said...

Wow. Sad.

Noni Moss said...

Hmm - i know what you mean. I saw someone like that too during Christmas. It's just sad.

Vickii said...

Oh my goodness ... I'm glad you're okay, this must have been a traumatic experience!

Are you married? Have i just not being paying close attention because I really didn't realise you were married!

In my head and around me said...

That must have been scary in a lot of different ways.

Seeing him.
Having him call your name. Realising that you know him. Knowing that this man is wasting his life away.
Contributing to it. (not judging you, I would have handed over some cash too)


The difference between us and him are a few sniffs and decisons we have made. Scarier