Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A different kind of meme

It took me a while to get to this meme that Daddy's Girl tagged me on which is unusual for me since i love memes. But this one is different. It actually had me thinking deep and hard. But i think i figured it out now:

3 things i do not want to experience:

  • Losing another loved one - i lost a very special friend last year and its a different kind of pain, unlike anything i have ever experienced. Everytime i think about him, i just want to stop and wail. It subsides into a dull ache but the full brunt of the loss washes over me in those moments that i allow myself to really let my guard down and dwell. Its not something i want to experience again
  • Failure - I am an overachiever and will run myself ragged in order to achieve anything that i set my mind to. As i get older, i am setting my sights on some pretty big, hairy, audacious goals and there is a part of me that is scared that i will fail in some of them. There are some things that i have set my sights on lately that i have failed to get and it sucks big time.
  • Disability - This is something physical that terrifies me. I am so independent and just so me. The thought of going blind, or becoming wheelchair bound, going deaf or having a disability of any kind is frightening. Because this means dependence on other people for the most basic things. And my experience with people - friends and family, shucks even myself doesnt leave me with any warm feelings. Also, i love life. The ability to listen to music, see people's expressions, dance away etc, i thrive on. I imagine it would be harder to have been able to experience these things and then not be able to, than to have never been able to do any of these things at all

3 people who make me laugh

  • Moi - i am a klutz, i say the silliest things without thinking and i just generally crack myself up. Last week, my business unit head was standing behind me, i whipped around and said "S, do you want me?". The whole office paused and then cracked up. You would think i would have stopped there. I went on to say "I meant, do you want me to do anything at all for you?". Enough said
  • Otisi - this young man is a walking bag of laughs. I laugh and laugh everyday because you never know what he's going to say
  • Chandler Bing - I miss Friends. I watch my dvds all the time even if its half an episode. Some of the things this man says have me gasping for breath
  • All in all, i am easy. I am very ticklish, i get amused easily so i can burst into laughter at just about anything

3 things i love

  • Words - in any order. Novels, poetry, papers, song lyrics....Just bring it on. I am a voracious reader and a very curious person. I believe that information and knowledge is power and i get my power from words.
  • Music - Is this really a big suprise? Back in the day, i used to sing. I mean, could have made some money from it. I used to write songs and yearned to be able to play a whole ton of instruments.
  • Shoes - I have no idea where and when this obsession began. The taller the heels are the better. I actually get a thrill from a new pair of shoes. Its nothing strange to see me parading around my house in my pyjamas and 3 inch heels for absolutely no reason. My folks just dont say anything
  • Jewelery - This stems from my mother's side. My great grandma used to be a famous gold merchant from Ondo State. My grandma while she didnt deal in gold, wore some very serious pieces and still does. Then my mom. Wow. It used to be playful stuff when i was younger, now i have graduated to some serious stuff and there is something about accessorizing with jewelery that does it for me.

3 things i hate

  • Cruelty - is it really necessary to kick a dog or beat a person for no reason? Cruelty to women and children...I find that human beings are animals at heart and some people havent managed to tame themselves.
  • Stereotypes - All men are dogs; all mexicans are immigrants; nigerian women all like money etc. Stereotypes nauseate me. Take people on a case by case basis
  • Creatures - creepy crawlies, rodents, cats, flying bugs. Yuck!

3 things i dont understand

  • Atheism - I dont get this. You have to believe in something. A christian God, a muslim God, Hinduism, Bhuddism, Mysticism. Believe in something.
  • Some fashion statements - skinny jeans, bubble dresses, over oversized sunglasses, leggings, short shorts etc
  • A lot of languages - It would be so much fun to be fluent in like 10 languages. I would just mess with so many people

3 things on my desk

  • My handbag
  • My phones
  • My bottle of diet coke

3 things i am doing right now

  • Trying not to be sad
  • Listening to Kenny G
  • Thinking about the office "village meeting" which will kick off at 4 and is guaranteed to last till like 9pm *sigh*

3 things i want to do before i die

  • Visit every single country in the world
  • Find my soul mate, fall deliriously in love, have the wedding of my dreams, honeymoon inTahiti or someplace like that, have my 2 babies, and be deliciously happy and constantly basking in the love of my family
  • Be on the speed dial list of some of the world's most powerful people

3 things i can do

  • Work hard - strategize, meet deadlines, write reports, give presentations - if its work related, bring it on
  • Cook - Yes i can throw down. And i love it too
  • Be faithful to anyone i care about - friend, lover, family. Almost to a fault

3 things you should listen to

  • That voice inside of you
  • People that you look up to - older and wiser
  • The horns of other cars - might just save your life

3 things you should never listen to

  • Bad bad people - it could be envy, jealousy or just really bad advice
  • People crying - you hear anyone crying, either ask what's wrong and try to comfort or get up and walk away. Dont just be in the same space with a crying person and do or say nothing
  • The other voice in your head - the one that tells you to eat the extra piece of cake, call the married man back, lie to people...That other voice is bad...LOL

3 things i would like to learn

  • To play the piano - i see myself in a long elegant black dress with white elbow lenght gloves, hair pinned up, diamond studs in my ear and a baby grand piano. I walk up and lift my train so i can seat on the bench and i begin to play a Concerto. I play beautifully and even begin to tear up. I rise and face the crowd and curtesy and i get a standing ovation. And as the lights come up, i see in the audience: my parents, my siblings, my soul mate, presidents of nations, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, The 3 tenors..on and on. All on their feet applauding me.
  • More languages - Italian, Chinese, Swahili are top of my list at the moment
  • To say no

3 beverages i drink regularly

  • Water
  • Diet coke
  • Herbal teas

3 shows i watched on NTA as a child

  • New Masquerade
  • Behind the Clouds
  • Tales by Moonlight - until NTA got broke and the animals started having holes in their costumes and stuff

3 books i read as a kid

  • Enid Blyton books
  • Mallory Towers books
  • The famous 5 books

Well back to work i guess.............


LondonBuki said...

Beautiful Meme! Beautiful!

TaureanMinx said...

I love this meme! I'm going to do it later. I've added more song to my list and fixed the auto play thingy.

TaureanMinx said...


Daddy's Girl said...

Very nice, Uzo. My prediction was correct - yours is way more interesting than mine! Just out of curiosity, you say you used to sing very well back in the day... why don't you anymore?

LondonBuki said...

Ok, Ok, I know this might come across as SAD but I am about to start up a new collection of Enid Blyton books... I miss them so much!

Simply Gorgeous said...

Your meme is unforgettable!

LondonBuki said...

I am officially Uzo's Number ONE Blog Stalker! Three comments?

I just noticed the "Tales by Moonlight - until NTA got broke and the animals started having holes in their costumes and stuff
. You are funny!

About stereotyping, I REALLY try not to do that... but it happens.

Ok, your description of playing the piano - loved that!

Anonymous said...

i HOPE YOU never lose another person again either... that none of us do actually... lmao@ your statement at the office.. ur a joker!words, music, shoes and jewellry rock!!! I hate thet things you hate too actually.. come you dey do this tag for yourself abi na me self?!?lol.. i'm guilty of almost all the fashion trends there so i'm not even gonna complain.. my number one number one is skinny jeans tho!!! THEY ROCK! this was a fantastic writeup... i loved it!

zaiprincesa said...

lol..Ure a trip, i swear...Until NTA got Broke???..lol..Ure soooo wrong...but tales by moonlight was my show sha....

Jaycee said...

Stereotypes nauseate me too...I love case-to-case analysis, and I think everyone shd adopt that. You go UZO!!!

Uzooo...so u read Mallory Towers too??? Lolll...u needed to have seen how addicted I was to that book. There was just somn extra special. Remember how Mallory (was that her name? Can't rem) used to always get into trouble, not because she was naughty but because she was trying to help one of those other nasty mean girls out...he he, read all things Enid Blyton...

~cheers dear~

Kpakpando said...

chei, NTA don suffa... not the holes rofl, I don die

Anonymous said...

nice meme!

Biodun said...

Wow, this was one deep meme, I love it!

Favoured Girl said...

I loved this meme! I love reading and cooking too, and I absolutely hate stereotypes!

Uzo said...

@LB: Thanks dear

@TMinx: I already checked out the music "thingy". I am looking forward to reading yours...

@Daddy's Girl: I wouldnt say more interesting. LOL. Well i sort of lost my "voice" a few years back. Now i have it back, its not as strong or beautiful as it used to be. But i dont care. I still belt the tunes out.

@LB: Not sad. I am on a search for them as well. To add to my collection and you know i will read them too.

@Simply gorgeous: Wow. Thanks a lot

@LB: Well you know i am right about NTA. The lion started looking more like a ragged rat. LOL. No maintenance culture in Nigeria. I have an overactive imagination hence the piano dream. LOL. And please leave as many comments as u wish..

@ONB: As i reeled out my list of fashion things, i just thought of you. LOL. You know we could be clones,..ehm except that you are braver than i am in so many regards

@Zai: You know its true. Story, story, - story. Once upon a time - time time. LOL

@Jaycee - Mallory Towers rocked. I vaguely remember that was the name of the school or was it a dorm? And then the girls used to have midnight feasts and stuff. I think there was a girl called felicity in there. I need to find those books.

@kpakpando - LOL. Is this NTA thing so hard to believe. Really, the heads of the creatures would be almost on the shoulder of the actor so it looked like the creature had 2 heads

@naijababe & biodun: thanks

@favoured girl: thanks

Seyi Special said...

This is one of the best write-ups i have ever read!!!!

I could relate to a whole lot of them!

Excellent ; i couldn't expect less from the princess herself!


LondonBuki said...

Jaycee and Uzo, her name was Darell(sp?) Winters... I can't believe I remembered that! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Mallory towers was a hit in those days .The name of the girl in Malory towers was Darrell Rivers and her sister was Felicity.Did anyone read St Clares? also by Enid Blyton.infact i'm a guru when it comes to those books,have the whole collection.

LondonBuki said...

@Anon Thats's it, Rivers!!! Felicity was her younger sis!
I read St Clares too... "Twins at St Clares" and co!

snazzy said...

i like this, though the shameless triple counting of enid blyton books can not be overlooked. I would say I would do it, but I would be lying. Oh and you are scarily eclectic when it comes to music. Am now worrying that it may be contagious. Nice one

Noni Moss said...

:-D I've read every single Enid Blyton book.I really liked your responses - i may do this meme as well.