Thursday, February 08, 2007


How do i love thee?
Let me count the ways
I love thee to the depth and breadth of height
My soul can reach
When feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and ideal grace
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
As much as i love music, there are a few artists that are my favorites and will always be. One of them is the vocalist for today's song:
Will Downing - Home
How do i classify Will's music and voice? I want to call it very grown up true r&b/contemporary jazz. This man's voice is like dark chocolate. Smooth and rich and so deep. He doesnt rely on sexuality to sell but rather sensuality.
This song in particular is beautiful. A lot of time, for those that are truly in love, it doesnt matter where you are, as long as that special person is there, there is a feeling of contentment and being home.
Will takes it a step further which is what makes this so special for me. He talks of home being where his babies are. Will is married and has been for over 10 years i believe and has kids. So he isnt talking about that first flurry of love when things seem so perfect and everything feels possible. He is talking about going home to his family, to his wife. After all the years together and the things they have surely being through together, he still thinks of Home being where she is. This is much needed balm for my jaded soul.
I also love the way he dimensions this song. He sings about going home to his baby, where his heart is in the first part of the song - he means his wife. Then as the song goes along, he talks about going home to his babies - all of them so he brings the kids in.
The arrangement of the song to me speaks to his mindset and a way of thinking that i really hope to imbibe. When the kids come, its very easy to forget about the two main players in the equation and simply settle into the role of parents. I think its really important to continue to foster, toke the fires of the relationship between husband and wife.
Its a beautiful, mature song and i listen to it at least once a day so enjoy!
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LondonBuki said...

Please send me this song oh... This song that made you write this BEAUTIFUL post.

tolu said...

thanks uzo. got the songs. could you send me this song as well (u've kinda become my song

Miss Pearse said...

...I appreciate people that appreciate good music; it's my second love and the only Love I dont mind

I have some good stuff too so I'll return the favor...Stay blessed.