Monday, February 12, 2007

A few words....

Its all about you
Its always about you
Self absorbed
The world revolves around you
Your problems are bigger than anyone else's
Your successes mean more than anyone else's
Self absorbed
Constantly looking at yourself
Friendships dont work like this
What about me?
I dont need you
Oh hell no
But i want you in my life
Self absorbed
Can you spare a thought for me?
How i am feeling
How i am doing
Taking advantage of the way i am
Taking for granted that i will always be there
Self absorbed
The world is so much bigger than you think
You dont make the effort for people
Instead people are awed by you
Floored by you
So you rest easy
Your many fans raising you higher than King Solomon
Self absorbed
Always so busy with everyone else to spare a thought for me
Can it be that i have been too giving?
Can it be that i have joined the league of your many fans
And forgotten to tell you the truth?
Oh self absorbed
One day it will be too late
For the day will come when you will need to reach out
To the one that knows you better than anyone else
To the one that understands you
And i wont have the time to hold your hand
To say those words that lift you up
I will be too busy with my 2-way relationships
Tit for tat; give and take;

Those tenets that make the difference
Between a relationship and having a doormat
Self absorbed
Your reflection and your thoughts will be poor company
Think about it self absorbed
Think about it


LondonBuki said...

I've had someone EXACTLY like this in my life, EXACTLY!

Your words couldn't have explained it any better!

Y said...


Soul said...

ahhh Uzo.
Please.. write more.
i know how this feels. I bet all of us do.
in some way at least.
in someway.

diamond said...

im totally feeling this... i mean u give more than u receive...scales seem unbalanced...but u know what...i feel this way about several ppl right now..but i realize...THIS IS LIFE. I have to deal with it

but dont worry Uzo....we've got the perfect Bachelor waiting in the wings for you ;-)

Pilgrimage to Self said...

This is so well written and so true.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Thats just life - we just have to learn how to deal with it. Its a shame that it just has to happen.

zaiprincesa said...

dag!,...who pissed u off?
I just need a name...JUST A NAME!..i'll find them and deal with them!..
In the meantime, "WUSA"..
Try not to let it get to you..

Jaycee said...

Phew! Uzo, such expression.

Can't even comment well cos I'm flabbergasted!

I pray I don't ever become self-absorbed that I neglect my friends (cos sometimes it may be "us" and not really "someone else").

One thing abt me & friendships though is when that original connection (SPARK) dies, there's nothing else tying the knot! But that's really rare...

Thats why its good to choose friends wisely...forever-type friends...

Vickii said...

I know exactly how this feels, I have a few people in my life like this. Have you tried telling them how you feel because often they aren't aware that they are so self absorbed or they are aware but don't feel the need to change as long as someone is putting up with it.

This is so insightful and I bet everyone can relate!