Monday, February 05, 2007


Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth
For thy love is better than wine
Song of Solomon 1:2
Happy Monday all.
An update on the History of Love concert that i blogged about a few days ago. The tickets are actually now N50,000 for a couple. Other than the excellent lineup of artists, there is a 3 course candlelight dinner. I guess i will have to go now. LOL
My song for today is:
Imajin - Love Letter
This song is on the soundtrack for the movie "The Wood". Imajin is a cute group of very young boys that i had never heard of before i heard this song and havent heard from since. Other than the fact that its a cute song and the words are soooo endearing, it has as its central theme one of my favorite things: Love letters.
In this day of technology, its all emails and text messages galore. These are fine i guess but there is something about a hand written letter to the one you love. Taking the time to write some words that mean something to the 2 of you. I love stationary sets with the cute envelopes and i love writing. Think of how the other person would feel to receive a hand written letter from you. Imagine the other person opening a bag/laptop bag and finding a suprise. Or having it delivered to his/her office. Or for someone like me, it can be a few pages of written words that i cant say and having him read it in front of me.
It can be 2 lines expressing delight at a date last night, a joke that is only funny to the 2 of you or it can contain a proposal. Whatever it is, I find that people appreciate hand written letters. Some people save these letters and read them over and over again. A neat trick is to sprinkle a few drops of your perfume on the pages. Scent is a trigger - one of the strongest triggers so you score some points.
I worry that all this technology is taking the romance out of relationships. So how about trying it this love month. A little note sealed with a kiss for your beloved. It will go a long long way . Enjoy!
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Nyemoni said...

I confess I know Imajin (thanks to right on) but have never heard their song... I have one other confession...

Uzo said...

LOL. What's your other confession?

chainreader said...

i am a true fan of hand written love letters. i believe i have every love letter ever written to me. there is just something about them!

azuka said...

Err, I was a victim of a loveletter scandal in high school when one I'd written poem and all got exposed but that is a story for another day.

I'll forever dread writing one but I wouldn't mind receiving one, perfumed, flowery paper and all ;-).

Nyemoni said...

Uzo, I'll let you know by mail!