Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Life right now....

It appears that Abuja is going to become my second home in the next few weeks. *Sigh*

I managed to get some rest last night but its more meetings today so cant really blog like i want. Have fun you guys and fill me in on what's going on in blogsville in the comments section. LOL. Its quicker and easier for me. It is now clear to me that i am addicted to blogging.

I blame you all. How the hell did that happen?


LondonBuki said...

LOL! Don't blame us oh!

Diamond says you'll choose your Bachelor on Monday :-)

Bella Naija has some West Africa Idol clips

I'll come back if I find anything else.

LondonBuki said...

Are you saying you think you might be moving to Abuja?

omohemi Benson said...

I like Abuja too,
The clean streets,calm,no traffic.

Aren't we all addicted to blogging
Boorish talks about his old flame,
OWNB done her nails,
Laspapi talks about a bumble bee,I also love his post Broken walls.
Confused post a poem from her bloke.
Tminx talks about ash wednesday.
Thats all I can remember from now.

chainreader said...

Will it make you feel any better if we say we are addicted to you?

Good luck with the cyber bobo!

Jaycee said...

update: uzo is the most dedicated blogger. And we just found out that she's addicted to this place(lol).

Uzo said...

@LB: Yes i will choose my bachelor on monday. I saw some of the idols west africa competition and it is soooo good - funny. I am not moving to abuja per say. The project i am on will require me to be here a lot over the next few weeks.

@Omohemi: I have heard a lot about your blog and i really want to visit. Thanks for the updates

@chainreader: so sweet. Thanks a lot

@Jaycee: Yes. I confess to being addicted to blogging. |I need help