Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Song of the Day!

Oh this song tickles me every day i hear it. All i can think of is the revolution it caused including a "response song".

TLC - No Scrubs

I was in university when this song hit. And it caused so much uproar worldwide. The men i knew were soooo mad at the guts TLC had to sing about thins including some of the scrubs. The video was all futuristic with silver banks and chunky boots and a swing. Remember that? Then some group came up with the song "No Pigeons" as a comeback to it. What was the name of that group again? Sticky something?

This song really got me thinking...Some guys were and still are scrubs. Back in the day, i remember the toasters coming to my house. Only one guy was the toaster but he would come with friends that all squeezed into a car. Why?

Today, the scrubs are on a different level. They never have credit and so they have become experts at flashing or calling from business centers or other people's phones. They are supported by their partners: be it sending them credit, paying for all their meals etc....

Anyway, here's to TLC for making us laugh and dance.

*Let me know if you would like this song*


Biodun said...

lol @ the no credit comment, I loved this song too, there r scrubs out there so also r there pigeons too, but that Pigeons song was kinda wack though

Uzo said...

@Biodun: In Nigeria the pigeons would be part of the aristos thing. LOL

LondonBuki said...

LOL!!! A guy brought all his friends to your house?

Uzo said...

@Buki: He did. And not one time or one guy. SOmetimes the extras would sit in the car, the other times, they would sit in the reception area while toaster would be serenading me outside. LOL