Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Everybody scream Alleluia this morning! Oh my song of the day is one of my favorite gospel songs of all time:

Israel & New Breed - All Around

I woke up early this morning. Feeling great. Got to work and i am filled with energy and ready to rock and roll. I have an all day workshop that i will be anchoring but i am not fazed. Its all peaches and cream in my world today so i thank God.

This song says it all "All around, all around. Everywhere i look your love is all around"

Have a blessed day!

*If you would like this song, leave your email address in the comments section*


Daddy's Girl said...

Hey, glad to hear you're feeling great today. I, on the other hadn, woke up feeling miserable. Would love it if you could send me this song - maybe it'll cheer me up some. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

uzo, could you email the song to me at tam221@hotmail.com, i could really use the "pick me up"

thanks dear

Anonymous said...

I want it.. cos i never heard it my entire life.. overwhelmednaijababe@hotmail.com... thanks luv