Friday, November 10, 2006


I just finished my first Silhouette romance novel in 2 years. And i am on a quest to get some more. All the love and romance has dictated my song of the day:

George Benson & Roberta Flack - You are the love of my life

Music of yester years has sooo much more meaning that bumping and grinding lyrics of today. With very few exceptions, the music today is only to be taken at surface value. Nothing to get me thinking. But when i turn on the music from the Motown era, some jazz artists, good old Boyz II Men etc, i feel.

This song has heart felt words. Honestly, i have grown to love this song as i have gotten older. The melody is simple but its beauty is in the words: "The only thing that makes sense in this life, i'll spend the rest of my days, just loving you"

I believe that simple words express true feelings better than dictionary needing words. Enjoy!

*Let me know if you would like this song*

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Patrice said...

Hmm . . . interesting. This is the theme song on THE Uzo (of Howard Stern fame) website, I believe.