Friday, November 03, 2006


Todays song is hot, hot, hot. Overly sexy songs dont really do it for me, but i have loved this song since the first time i heard it. It makes me smile and i feel the naughty side of me kicking in:

Ying Yang Twins - The Whisper Song (Remix)

Can i say it again: Hot, Hot, Hot. Sure the bleating sounds of the ying yang twins irritates me and i am not a huge fan of this "dirty south" thing but they really went to town on this one. A song that is whispered? Genius. The beat is hot. The video is smashing. All black backgrounds and slithering bodies. And the twins actually got into suits and didnt look half bad.

Listen to the words of this song...Sure there are some bad words in there. But its like reading Delot's blog (I miss him). The bad words just help to get the message across. Free in her rap says something along the lines of her boy shorts causing some serious trouble. Busta says something about the edge of the bed.

Naughty hot song for friday. Enjoy!

*Let me know if you would like this song*


oyi said...

Ha! Uz, I loved this song when it was on heavy rotation last year. A total guilty pleasure. Sure, I was creeped out by the whispering (think psycho calling your phone late at night) but it worked on the beats! Radio edit version for me though, the real thing is a little too "real" for me. :)

Uzo said...

@Oyi: LOL at the psycho whispering. Never thought about that at all. Yeah: The real version is quite graphic.