Friday, November 17, 2006


Finally have a chance to breathe. One of my favorite bloggers: Soul has been paying tribute to some of my favorite artists. No contemporary stuff here. I am talking about the true greats: Miriam Makeba, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Cassandra Wilson and today, Billie Holliday. True music.

My song of the day is one of my favorite songs ever:

Nina Simone - Mr Bojangles

Check out Soul's blog for more on the incomparable Ms Simone (this would be the point when hyperlinks would be great. But i cant figure it out with blogger...Hint). So listen and enjoy some REAL music.

*Let me know if you would like this song*


Daddy's Girl said...

Hey Uzo, love this song but can't say I've heard Nina's version. I can only remember hearing Sammy Davis Jnr, Frank Sinatra (love both versions) and some other random people do it (including Robbie Williams - not one of his brightest ideas). Would love to have this. Thanks.

Soul said...

Uzo needs asks for help...
she gets it..

Long hand

[a href=""]Google[/a] replace the square braces with the with < >
< replaces [
> replaces ]

option 2..
blogger has a link icon somewhere on the dashboard... I think next to the pic icon... click on it and follow the guidelines :)

Uzo said...

@ Daddy's girl: I have sent the song to you

@Soul: Ah. Thanks a lot mademoiselle

Daddy's Girl said...

Thanks Uzo - absolutely love it.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh... soul got me into nina simone now.. and i just can't get enough.. you have no clue... amazing amazing stuff!what a talent