Tuesday, November 14, 2006


After my "down" day yesterday and also as a tribute to the chocolate teddy bear - Mr Gerald Levert, my song today is up tempo and old school:

LeVert - Casanova

Oh boy! Remember this one. In the video, the guys were wearing these really colorful blazers and the hair cuts? Priceless. I also remember this song being a staple at birthday parties. Oh the memories.


*Let me know if would like this song*


Soul said...

Hey Uzo,
I'm not your cassanova,me and Romeo ain't neva been friends lol
oh gosh! this takes me waaaayyyy back.

Chxta said...


LondonBuki said...

I remember this!!!!

Biodun said...

wow, I love this song!! Oh Casanova, lol, pls send the song, thanks!

Vickii said...

Love this song but I thought it was Ultimate Chaos that sung it ... unless they covered it?

Anonymous said...

Love your soundbytes section. Excellent taste.