Tuesday, November 07, 2006


My song of the day is truly african. In every sense of the word:

Mbongeni Ngema - Lizobuya.

This song is on the soundtrack of the movie Sarafina. Remember that movie? For those that havent seen it, its about a group of south african youth dealing with apartheid. The high points of their lives occur in school particularly the class taught by Whoopi Goldberg. These kids sing and talk about the issues they are dealing with at home. We see that their teacher keeps guns at home, Sarafina has a loving mom...The details are bit hazy in my mind since its been a while since i saw it but i know i like the movie a lot and it gave a more human view of apartheid that CNN and other media outlets couldnt.

The song is beautiful in my mind. Its sung in Afrikaans and the instrumentals on it are powerful. Try listening to this song with your eyes closed. Try to forget everything around you and simply lose yourself in this song. It does what good music is supposed to do. It touches the soul, transcends language and is almost outer-worldly. Well for me anyway. Enjoy!

*Let me know if you would like this song*


Daddy's Girl said...

Hey Uzo, I would really love to have this song. Thanks

Biodun said...

I want this song too, my e-mail address is bee_your_dun@yahoo.com
thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

... and so am I! I just watched the film.. sheket6@gmail.com
Many thanks!!