Friday, July 27, 2007

Monumental Soundbyte - 43

Grace Jones - Pull up to my bumper

Its Women Issue day and i think its only fitting, that once again, today's soundbyte is from a fierce woman. When i use the word fierce, i dont mean animal like. I mean it in the way that Ms Patti Labelle uses it - "Those are some fierce shoes, You are looking fierce baby girl". Fierce as in bad asssssssss and just amazing.

This post will be about the song and the woman because this woman is just ......
  • This is a very very very racy song...LOL. The title should be rated 18. The song is essentially about wellllllllll a "forbidden" act.
  • "Pull up to my bumper baby; in your long black limousine. Pull up to my bumper baby; drive it in between." This is essentially the chorus...LOL
  • Patra's version of this song was a party favorite
  • This song did quite well on the UK & US charts
  • Grace Jones and acting. This woman has given us some memorable roles. In Boomerang, she played the role of eccentric Helen Strange and in the the James Bond movie - A View to Kill, i think she rocked as May Day. I loved her superstong, super sexy but non conventional character. And then she sacrificed herself for Bond with her final line being "Get Zorin for me"......I am a huge James Bond fan so i think i should stop there
  • Ms Jones is actually Grace Mendoza and i think she is jamaican
  • She used to be a supermodel and was quite feminine but once she launched her music career, she changed her image with the help of her then husband who was a producer and created the image most of us are familiar with - the androgynous "odd" looking woman with masculine clothes and the box hair cut
  • Ms Jones can never go to any Disney theme park. LOL. She exposed her breasts during a concert and that was it. Lifetime ban....LOL
  • There was a story making the rounds a few years back about her having alopecia and she has spoken about it...
  • Madame Jones is 59 years and is engaged to some Viscount...LOL

Love her or hate her, she is one very confident woman. And she makes my list more for being who she is than for the song. I like the song sure but everytime i hear it, i think of Grace Jones and i just marvel.....



Ms. May said...

GRACE JONES.....her parents must have known she was going to be something when she was born. That look and that "fierceness".....she was born with it. LOL. I didn't know she originally did Pull up to my Bumper until about 6 years ago or so. Bad Gyal!

Soul said...

Ahh I adore Grace Jones.
There's just something about her blackness and fierceness that is superb.
Add to the fact that the woman cannot sing to save her life lol but managed to make hit singles across the globe.

you are quite right Uzo, Grace Jones is jamaican by origin.. but i'm sure us Nigerians have already assigned her a village from whence she was supposed to have come from (lol).

I like this song as well as another one from Grace jones called 'my jamaican boy'.
Nice one Uzo..