Thursday, July 19, 2007

Monumental Soundbyte - 38

Michael Bolton - Soul Provider

Oh Michael Bolton. Smooth man with the blonde locks.

The very first time i heard this song, i was in SS2 and B was singing this with N. And i thought to myself "Self, what a nice song". Then i found out it was by Michael Bolton and i remember hearing it on a mixed tape and that was it. Swept away by the song and by this artist.

Now and again, i hear a love song that i think needs no fluff, no extras - the words speak...So i leave you with the lyrics to this amazing song:

Talk about love, talk about trust
Talkin' 'bout forever baby
When I'm talkin' 'bout us
I give you my word, stick to my guns
Believe when I tell ya baby
That we've just begun
You don't understand, no
The full intent of my plan

I wanna be your soul provider
I wanna stay that way
For the longest timeI wanna be, your soul provider
Just say you'll let me
And darlin' I will

I know you've been hurt, I know you're love shy
You don't have to say it baby
It's gonna take some time
Ya got my heart, in the palm of your hand
Swear it's gonna stay there baby
Give me half a chance

You don't understand
The full intent of my plan

I've been waitin' for a long time for somebody like you
To give my love, all my love day and night
Just say you'll be mine for the rest of your life
Baby I'll show you why


Soul said...

No doubt, I don't care what anyone says... to me Michael Bolton will always be part of my blue eyed soul collection.
I dig his voice, I just dig his voice.

Vickii said...

Thank you Soul and Uzo ... people laugh at me and call me an old woman but I LOVE Michael Bolton. He has some amazing songs!! How am I supposed to Live without you? ... I've found someone ... A love so Beautiful ... I love him!