Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Monumental Soundbyte - 37

Village People - Y.M.C.A

One of the most fabulous songs ever. Its one of the most coded songs of our time. LOL.

The Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) and The Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) are not for profit organizations set up to provide to the needy. The most visible part of these organizations are the hostels which provice free accomodation for people that need it. (Not always free but with rates as little as $10 a night, it might as well be). Anyone from the homeless, people down on their luck to students have taken advantage of these hostels.

So this song comes up in the 70's and becomes a fabulous hit. And on the surface, it seems to be praising the YMCA. I will admit that the first time i heard this song, it was on Top of the Pops and so i got to see the group as well. I wondered why they all wore costumes (there was a policeman, a cowboy, a construction worker, an indian (american indian) and some others i have forgotten). And they had a YMCA dance as well. As young as i was, i think i figured out this song was a little special. LOL

So i get older and become more worldly and the truth about this song just hit me. Of course, with all the music fever i had, i also did my research and there the facts were all 'naked' for me to see. LOL...And it has been one of my favorite songs since. I love this song because its fun and so cheeky. Its just brilliant.

So the real story about the YMCA song? Well apparently, these good christian organizations were used by gay men for stuff (LOL). I mean for hookups and stuff. Remarkable. LOL.

"Its fun to stay at the YMCA" - this is the last line of every verse and i just bet it was....LOL

So i will stop with all my innuendos now.....but its just a great dance and disco song and yes i have to hold my hands firmly by my side to stop from spelling out the letters with my hands. This song has been parodied and re-done all with a lot of nastiness but my favorite appearance - In Friends with Monica and the bullies and she is just dancing away. Fabulous i tell you.



Soul said...

I'm not sure that the song was written with that in mind..
I think it became that, cos it was just soo easy to juxtapose a situation on circumstance on it.

It's like, pretty much all of Donna Summers back catalogue has become a gay anthem even though it wasn't intended to be. But then most disco anthems have become gay anthems.

Anyway re: the song, I think if you live int he UK you might hate it. I can't go out anywhere with my white colleagues without them playing this song and doing the bloody dance. It's like the standard Oyinbo dance tune.
It comes on and all of the oyinbo peeps shout... ehhhhhhhhh!
run to the middle of the dance floor and start doing stupid hand symbols whilst have pissed off their face...
Now I wouldn't ordinarily be pissed off, if they didn't attempt to drag you along into this.

And resistance is futile, hence I'm known as weak bladder girl, cos every time that song comes on, I go to the bathroom.

Nyemoni said...

Y-M-C-A! I likey!

ababoypart2 said...

Some crazy song ...some crazy song.