Saturday, December 30, 2006


So christmas day has come and gone and i have missed blogging. I have just been so overwhelmed. I just got in from spending some time with some family friends during this muslim holiday. I really hope everyone is having a great holiday. My review blog will be updated almost daily as i have spent so much time doing the things i love - movies, music and books.

So much has happened in the world though:

James Brown passed on and i will dedicate a soundbyte to this legend in the new year

Sadam Hussein has been executed. I have so many thoughts on this but in all this, the illusion of America the compassionate and just has never rung falser.

Gerald Ford passed on. He died at at a ripe age and as much as he will receive a state funeral, i will say he is not a president i know much about. His wife Betty (of the famed Betty Ford Clinic) yes but i can truly say that all i know about this president is the fact that he lost to the peanut farmer from Georgia (Jimmy Carter). It has been really interesting to watch and hear about his administration and his life.

The farce that is Nigerian politics continues and i am embarrassed at the antics of Obasanjo and his stooges. The legacy of this administration in my view is summed up as "A Comedy of Errors".

On a personal note, i am happy. My feelings for my dance partner have evolved and returned back to indifference and a little bit of irritation if i am being honest. Must have something to do with a few reconnections i have made over this period that have given me a different point of view. But i have been here before, felt this way before for my dance partner so i will not be leaping and doing backflips at really being over him....

Enjoy the rest of the holiday....


LondonBuki said...

I am First and you have been Missed.

I'll go read the post now.

Umm... maybe I should drop this childishness in 2007.... NOT!!!

LondonBuki said...

Yeah, so so much has happened in the past week!

As for the politics in Nigeria, will things ever change? I pray they will.


Good to know you are doing well...


jadedKiss said...

it has been a memorable year though, hasn't it.
and you've been rocking this Christmas haven't you. well have a fantastic double-oh-seven!

Calabar Gal said...

Happy New Year!! Enjoy the rest of ur holiday too!!