Friday, December 01, 2006


Its friday and its my women's issue day. My song of the day is by a woman that my family is privileged to know. She is obviously Nigerian and recently celebrated 25 years in the industry. She is smart, she is a writer, a musician, an activist, a role model, a wife and a mother. This is an artist that i would like to perform at my wedding. She gives me goosebumps when i hear her sing and i love the maturity of her performances. She is the one and only elegant stallion and the author of my song today:

Onyeka Onwenu - Peace.

Lovely. I adore this song and it reflects my feelings for today. One of the lines in the song:

"Let there be peace in our hearts, peace in our homes....."

The first part of that line speaks truth to me. I believe that the moment i have peace within, my approach to people, situations and life in general will change. Peace in my heart. I love that.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as i do.

*If you would like this song, please leave me an email in the comments section*


LondonBuki said...

Song please! :-)

I totally agree with you... once we are at peace with ourselves, life can only get better.

Enjoy your weekend!

Soul said...

oh yeah.....
can I have this please.. oh and if you have her 'choices' with Sunny Ade I'd appreciate that too

LondonBuki said...

Oh yes, please Choices as well, if you have it!

LondonBuki said...

Thank you :-)

tolu said...

ooohhhh song please


Biodun said...

Oh, yes I this song n Choices also, thanks in advance!

Bella Naija said...

pleassssse send me this song!