Monday, December 04, 2006


"Oprah started out with black women's views, but has been catering to middle aged white American women for so long, that she has become one herself. I think the idea of being publicly noted that she's a billionaire makes black women interested in seeing her views. But its even more exciting to the demographic of white American women she's been aiming at, to see that she has the exact same view that they have" - 50 Cent


Everchange said...

lol!! Also said by 50 cent:
"I'm in there having sex, I ain't in there making love, so come give me a hug"

I'm sorry, but I can't take anything that guy says seriously. Does he really think he has the moral standing to put down someone like Oprah?

Soul said...

lol tooo...
This coming from a guy whose main musical demographic is white teenage boys...
what a lil bitch! lol.
He is soo darn bitter that Oprah won't let him on her show so he can rhyme about 'the candy shop' and his 'magic stick' lol..

If Oprah's audience is white middle class women, why does this lil bitch want to go and promote himself on a show aimed white middle class women lol

here's a bucket 'fiddy' cry me a fucking river.. lol

Daddy's Girl said...

Umm... what are 'black women's views' and 'white women's views' anyway?

Naijadude said...

Yeah why is he crying wolf because he fell short on appearing on her show?
He needs to look back at himself and his moral standard, its outrightly not on par with Oprah's moral standard. How could someone be proud of being shot 9 times?

Mothers dont encourage that, hun! Someone needs to talk some sense into his head that he aint freaking welcome to the show, he doesnt fit there.
They appreciate women, they dont degrade them, "you candy shop might taste good but you dont talk about it in the open just like that"

Majonzi said...

I was amazed at analysis like this being made by thumuni (50 cent). However, he does have a point... well, not entirely. In the states, Oprah's largest audience is middle class America which is mostly white women. When most of your show is based on emotional appeal... then u know u r targeting white women.... .

Soul said...

so what if her show appeals to middle class white america.

His rap appeals to surburban white kids!.

Look, as far as I'm concerned, Oprah says jump and some white women say 'how high Oprah' that's power!.

Name any point in the history of black folk where ANYBODY has commanded that much power.
I love Oprah, I'll watch oprah every damn day if i didn't have to go to work to keep a roof over my head, I watch her re-runs, I like her style. I read her book reviews..
this woman introduced the world to Toni morrison and Maya angelou..

Did Oprah tell black peoplenot to watch her show... why is what oprah doing appealing to 'white women'.
she appeals to me and I'm as black as they come.
There is nothing that specifically targets white people.

what people don't like is the fact that she ain't dealing with 'baby daddy issues' the fucking ingrates...
during the LA riots where the heck was everybody else?
Why don't people go fart in montel Williams face and bitch about him not representing black issues?.

She is doing her. let her be.
Leave Aunty Oprah alone.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

lol... people actually print up 50 cent quotes? hmmm.. i mean he's a 'funny' dude and all.. but to print up the stuff that comes out his mouth?! I guess nobody died in Iraq on that day and no child died in Africa of malnutrition.

Patrice said...

Let's not forget the more provocative theme of the early Oprah shows. Not quite as trashy as Springer, granted, but on par with the likes of Lake, Montel and Povich. Oprah would have gladly had 50 Cent on in those days. The later rebranding of Oprah is not entirely Oprah the individual's idea, but Oprah the company. Oprah is a saavy media production team that has done its marketing homework. Personally, I am tired of Oprah. I have a hard time taking her seriously.

As for 50 Cent's comments about Oprah, if they are true then they are true (I wouldn't know if they are), even if they are hypocritical or if most of the time he speaks rubbish.

Anonymous said...

His genre of music...although it has a nice very degrading to women and objectifies women(especially black ones).I think this goes against the grain of what Oprah has fought for in a black female in the states I ask that we all hold ourselves to a higher standards than is portrayed in a lot of the new school hip hop music.

Soul said...

Yes Oprah started out in the muck like everyone else and raised her game unlike everybody else. ad she raised her game over a decade ago.
She left the likes of Ricky lake, Sally Jessy Raphael, Geraldo way behind. They kept the trash... she re-focused and rebranded and moved and shifted...
That Should be celebrated.

And fiddy has no point. I don't see how Oprah is targetting white women. Her topics are on point. She runs a book club, Black folk read more books on average than white folk..

She deals with emotional issues that black people somehow seem to bury.. I for one am finally happy that somebody is talking about it.

She dealt with the 'downlow' syndromme which NOBODY wanted to talk about, she talked about it and the brotha's screamed.

She has been instrumental in bringing great books by black authors to life with her own cash money. Beloved, THe colour purple e.t.c.

She has been instrumental in thrusting our greats, who are about something in front of a worldwide audience Maya, Toni Morrison e.t.c. many people learnt about them from Oprah.

At no point in Oprah's career has she ever EVER had anyone on her show who is the equivalent of fiddy. She didn't have Snoop Dogg on her show nor Dr dre did she?
So why is the ignorant lil beyatch whinning?.

Does he watch Oprah? I doubt it cos if he did, his tomfoolery wouldn't be to the level it is today.

And even if Oprah is targetting white women, so what?. she found a market, she's exploiting it why are they so angry about it?
Is it because she won't have them on her show? I mean what does fiddy have to say on Oprah? listen to my next record where I wax lyrical about shoooting, tricking and pumping lead? - I mean really!

Who is fiddy's main audience? teenage white boys.
So where's the beef.

people keep going on and on about how irrelevantOprah is, or how they can't stand her...
I think people need to sit up and accept that, Oprah didn't reject them, They rejected Oprah
because let's face it she drew a line in the sand about what kinda shows she would no longer do and stuck to it.

Oh and Oprah's marketing engine?. Is completely owned by Oprah. Her production team is also completely owned by Oprah. It's why when they tackle specific black issues, it doesn;t resemble anything you see on mainstream network news.

Uzo said...

I do not take 50 cent seriously in any aspect of his life. His music is fluff, his acting is iffy, he claim to fame with the gunshots and all...I am just at a point in my life where people like 50 just irritate me but not enough to care.

So many things about this "quote" are interesting to me.

What does he mean black women and white women's views? I dont understand that. So when Oprah does shows on molestation, or addresses celebrities trying to plug something, or deals with weight issues, its a white thing? When she profiles books that are not written by Eric Jerome Dickey and shows what its like to live outside the cocoon that is America, that is a white thing?

Is 50Cent saying that black women dont have the capacity to understand or relate to issues that dont involve half nakedness, baby daddy's and welfare? I dont understand what he is saying.

I think he is putting black women in a little box and wants them to stay there and not be open to the big wide world.

Contrary to Patrice's view that her show doesnt reflect her, i beg to differ. Oprah has control over content. Everything is run by her which is the reason why she refuses to have certain guests on or discuss certain issues. And its her right to do so.

I would never have 50 Cent over for lunch. I just dont see what impact he would have on my life except to make me want to sock him.

Love Oprah or hate her, that is one very powerful black woman that has done more for women all over the world. Why on earth does she have to be referred to as a sellout? I am really baffled. This is a woman that is building a leadership academy for girls in South Africa. She gives and gives to PEOPLE. Black and white. its doesnt matter.

If 50Cent is so concerned about the plight of black women/people, why on earth does his clothing line and shoe line have price tags at over $100 when he comes from the ghetto and he knows that the same people he claims to be representing dont even have money to get by let alone buy his stuff? Ironically as Soul pointed out, most of his music and apparel are actually purchased by teeneage white boys. I dont get it.

I sense some pettiness in his comment. I think he is mad that he hasnt been invited to her show. I wonder what would happen if Oprah gets him on her show and asks him face to face to repeat his comments and justify them. Hmmm.

I also think 50Cent is using this Oprah thing for publicity. He is becoming irrelevant in the entertainment scene and he needs a jump start.

My opinions on this: He should be ignored. I am amused but he really should be ignored.

Oprah Winfrey is an icon. Love her or hate her but do not ignore what she is and what she has achieved. This poor girl from Mississippi is on a first name basis with the most powerful people in the world, has a Bill named after her, is responsible for bringing to light some of the most wanted child molesters in America and their subsequent apprehension. She may not have kids of her own but she is mother to so many. We only know of her charity work that is public but i understand that what she does in private is overwhelming. She also challenges people. She puts you through school only if you maintain a certain GPA. No handouts here.
Plus she is a billionaire. Billions and she is only 53/54.

Abeg. Enough said