Monday, December 18, 2006

After my dream.....

I wrote this after that dream:

We flirt, we laugh, we touch
We say things loaded with double meanings
This dance - A two step

We talk and communicate
Not as two people but as two souls
Learning our reason for being
This dance - a waltz

We lose touch
We dont talk for days, sometimes weeks
For no concrete reason
Life just gets in the way
This dance - a cha-cha

What i want
What should be
What you dont see
But i see oh so clearly
Is that we are mean to be
To spend forever dancing though life

The hot sweaty tango
The seductive salsa
The elegance of ballroom dancing
The energy and confusion of the boogie
The quirkiness and fun of country line dancing
The intimacy of slow dancing
The passion and culture of Atilogu
The rythmn of bata

I want to share a lifetime of dances with you.


angie said...

was this a dream???
lovely post...

Bella Naija said...

Steamy stuvves lol
Very interesting poem!

Hope u had a great weeekend girl


Daddy's Girl said...

I love this poem. Lovely.

Uzo said...

@Angie: Not a dream...just be being incredibly mushy

@Bella: Thanks ma. I had a great weekend....You?

@Daddy's girl: Thanks....