Friday, December 15, 2006

Yearning - One of my few attempts at poetry.....

As my day winds down, i am filled with longing and desire
A desire to be with you
A longing to be come home to you
To have you ask me how my day was
Hold me as we catch up on each other's days
The highs and the lows
Have you rub my back and we hunker down to watch Grey's Anatomy or some other show

I almost get carried away till i realise that once again, its just a daydream
I havent met you yet
If everyone is to be believed, you are somewhere waiting for me too
But when will our paths cross?
I know that a lot of time i make do
Make do with shadows of you
Other times, my thoughts keep you away
Knowing sometimes i am not ready for you yet

But on days like today, nothing else seems to matter
I long for you
I am yearning for you
I am breathless with anticipation
I am excited at the thought of being yours
Knowing that these things i am scared of will fade away with you
Wanting and longing for you




nice blog.
will be back!!!

Soul said...

hmmmmm Uzo..
you should write more.
it reads like you think you are not ready but you are.
reads like you know what you are looking for but at present, it's not there..
also sounds like you are craving. you know?
like craving?
would be surprised if you I told you that you captured exactly what I'm feeling?
you know craving, but not just anything or anyone, craving that particular thing cos you've tasted it before and it's dynamite.

well at least that's what I got from reading this lol

Daddy's Girl said...

Hmm.. that's really sweet... made me smile.

Biodun said...

I love this post!

Jaycee said...

hmmm looks like we're on the same page sha...sometimes u feel like u're not ready for the biggest move in ur life, and then sometimes maybe when the rain is falling and there's lightning and thunder, all of a sudden you get this enormous rush of adrenaline which equals a desire to have what you want.

U know I loved the poem...I don't need to say it again...beuarrrriful!!!

hook,line,sinker+fisherman said...

nice read...! did all the dec, will make sure i go fill up on the history from sept l8r on i've found another liming mode. stopped in my tracks on the profile with Last of The Mohicans listed on the fav movies.. ..dug up my mp3 files of "cora" & "massacre" from the movie soundtrack and then started reading ur blog..can remember telling my boys that it comes under the esoteric umbrella in movies.(the producers suppose don cut me some of the royalties from the sales). ji si ike o.

Vickii said...

This is a great poem .. you should 'attempt' poetry more often!

LondonBuki said...

I used to think poetry was about rhyming, and then the words... the more I read, the more I realise it's about the words...

I love this, and I agree with Vickii - more 'attempts' please :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh that was fantastic... I just loved it... you should write more poetry cos I could totally feel you 'yearning'

Uzo said...

@36 inches: Thanks for dropping by

@Soul: Wow. You just got right in there and read my heart didnt you? In such a weird place right now...

@Daddy's girl: Always glad to make u smile my dear

@Biodun: Thanks

@Jaycee: Thanks a lot ma

@Hook, Line: Thanks for dropping by. The Last of the Mohicans is a classic in my book

@Vickii: Thanks for the compliment.

@LB: I write how i feel and i hardly ever re-read. Talented people that do rhyming and iambic pentameters are great but me, i am a simple child. I just write how i feel

@ONB: Thanks a lot....

LondonBuki said...

Uzo, the way you write how you feel is Beautiful :-)

Noni Moss said...

Interesting poem - its almost like you're speaking directly to him - like over the phone or soemthing. I like the contemporary references - like Grey's Anatomy (beautiful show - started watching season 1 again). I especially like the line - i make do, Make do with shadows of you. it's beautiful in its truth - till we find "him" that is really what we're doing.

You need to write more poetry ;-)
Have a lovely week.