Friday, December 15, 2006

The reason for my exhaustion

I can barely keep my eyes open, i ache all over and i am wearing my glasses today because my eyes are too tired to have contact lens in. Why?

My office christmas party was yesterday.

I was part of the planning committee so we all went to town in a bid to surpass last year's effort which was a resounding success.

We had the party at La Scala which is at Muson Center and we tore it up. I was MC (apparently i am quite the comedienne and after what i did last year, this was an uncontested decision). Anyway, i got myself all dressed up after making sure the restaurant looked alright. It looked beautiful and the DJ set up looked promising. I got myself into a pair of jeans, a white top and a pink and white jacket. Jazzed this up with oversized gold hoops, a pink and gold enamel bracelet and my show stopping piece - a diamante "U" on a black suede cord. Pumps that are a bit difficult to describe but they were really hot. My hair is in braids so i had it up and then did my makeup. I hardly ever wear makeup but i got down to it last night and based on the compliments i got and the heads i turned including one indecent proposal from a married man, i know i looked hot.

We even had a simulated red carpet arrivals thing.

Anyway, i did my thing, went through the agenda that included team performances (these consultants really have life outside the office), Awards with presenters, nominees and acceptance speeches (including categories like ladies' man), Lucky dip (where the star prize was an flat screen TV), Dinner and speeches. I had 2 friends make time out to come and the official program ended well. Clients showed up ready to rock and so after we cut the cake, the lights went down and the DJ started. At this point, i changed from the 4 inch heels to flats.

Hey! We danced and danced. I danced with bosses, clients, friends. I danced for like 2 hours straight. The DJ was so great. One minute we were groving to "sexyback", the next it was "why me", then it was "ring my bells". Everytime i would get tired and want to seat down, the music would change and i would stay. Hey! I abducted a table napkin that i danced with and used to wipe my face. We danced and danced. I was one of the last to leave at about 1am and i am paying the price today.

Head aching, feet aching but i wouldnt trade it for anything. It was great.....Wish you all could have been there...


Bella Naija said...

That sounds like sooo much fun!
I'm sure u did a great job...
I had my office party yesterday too..wasnt as much fun as yours most definitely

Have a great holiday babes..


FYI- I'm first!!!! Whoooo

Soul said...

you know..
i forgot it was my office xmas party yesterday until yesterday evening when someone said..ohh are you going to join us tonight.
I was thinking.. for what?.

I was completely not ready for it, but after at least 8 glasses of champagne, a triple JD and a heck of a lot of finger food, i think I woke up and left. I was outta there before 9pm.

LondonBuki said...

Uzo! I am jealous!!!! What kinda FAB office Xmas party is that? It doesn't sound real!

Maybe I can come to Lagos next year just to attend your office Xmas party??? LOL!!!

You have the whole weekend to rest dear and like you said, it was worth it!

How can you tease us with a fantastic description of your killer outfit and not show us a picture? How???


P.S. Ofcourse I will let you know when I get to Lagos!

Daddy's Girl said...

Wow, you did a great job of describing the party, wish I could've shared in the fun. You obviously did a good job of organising and hosting. We aren't having a party but we are going out tonight after work. It should be fun.

Noni Moss said...

Loll - i also had my work xmas party last night - ours was on a boat :-D and it was fun! Too much food, too much drink and my oyinbo colleagues trying to dance - LMAO.

But yours sounds fantastic - i want to come and work in your office too!

Biodun said...

Glad u had fun @ ur office party, I wish I was @ ur office party :(

Vickii said...

That sounds like an amazing work christmas party, if only mine had been just as much fun!

Anonymous said...

oh that just sounded like tooooo much fun.. why don't i work again?!?! oh yeah.. SCHOOL!... lol.. but whats a party without makossa?!lol

Uzo said...

@Bella: Thanks girl.

@Soul: Ehm...your "party" doesnt sound like my thing. LOL

@LB: You would be very welcome at my office party anytime. We can party oh. Even my bosses were boggeying down. Oh, and i overdid it again this weekend. Aching body

@Daddy's girl: I actually meant to invite you. Remember the phone call when i said i would call you back cos i had something i was working on? Well that was it. I just got overwhelm ed and never called back. :-(

@Noni: Party on a boat. Okay, i need to have been there. Sounds like a riot.

@Biodun: We would have rocked even more. Maybe next year

@Vickii: I can help plan your office party next year...For a fee of course...LOL

@ONB: Now having you there would have been fun. We had Makossa - Awilo, Koffi Olomide...see us agbayas winding and dropping to the floor...