Sunday, December 03, 2006


Happy Monday! I usually dont like mondays but today, i am feeling really mellow. Had a good weekend. Got almost enough sleep. The day doesnt look that bad. So i turn to a diva with an unbelievable voice and vibe to set the pace for my day:

Cassandra Wilson - Time after Time

Ms Wilson's voice is pure honey. Her music would fall under the contemporary jazz genre but that's really neither here nor there. What i know for sure is that the sounds that come out of her mouth are on another level. She hot, she's got soul, her music is authentic (even when she does covers) and you just get the feeling that she knows what she's singing about. She is not a conventional beauty and doesnt wear tops cut down to her navel but she is beautiful and one very sexy mama.

This song originally done by 80's party girl - Cyndi Lauper is on the Brown Sugar soundtrack and has been reworked by Ms Wilson with phenomenal results. I love it.


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Soul said...

cassandra wilson is velvet smooth.
her voice is just velvet, deep like a valley... just deep. makes you want to kick off your shoes, lean back swirling a big glass pf red in your hands...

pure relaxation. I have a song of her singing n yoruba on voodoo lounge with angelique kidjo..

ohh and have you ever heard inoj sing time after time?.. it's like the miami bass version.. something to really move to

Vickii said...

Oooh love this song, loved the original and I'll have to download this version!