Friday, December 08, 2006


Its Friday and i am delirious with happiness. Well for no reason other than the fact that its Friday so its happy music today:

Patra ft Aaron Hall - Scent of Attraction

Where do i begin? Love this song. Remember Patra with her chunky braids down to there and her hotpants? I dont remember her being particularly attractive but i know she was sexy. Honestly, looking back, she is ghetto fabulous. Aaron Hall, i used to think was a sexy hunk of chocolate with that bald head and that voice. After i heard "I miss you" and saw the video where the lady died, i was a sucker for him. Could not get over him. Oh - he always rocked dark glasses which i thought were extra cool. I think R Kelly stole his early looks from him.

This song is just suggestive all round talking about positions, top of the ocean, scent of attraction, sex...Actually, i am going to youtube to find this video. Will put a link up in another post. Enjoy!

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Noni Moss said...

I miss you - was fabulous. That was his defining song. Nothing beats that.

"I miss you ... talking to you babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" lolll- i hope those are the right words.

LondonBuki said...

I loved 'I Miss You'! It wasa a beautiful song and the video! So sad!

I am not sure if I know the Scent of Attraction song... I remember Patra though! LOL!!!

Soul said...

I dug Patra like crazy lol, those braids, that voice..
She could be aggressive and purr like a kitten at the same time.

One of my fav patra songs is her cover of 'Pull up to my bumper
I mean that song was juse filled with Euphemisms and double meanings..
I mean 'pull up to my bumper baby, with your long black limosine lol If that isn't suggestive, lol I dunno what is.

okay don't kill me..
But I hated 'i miss you'.. with a passion.

Aaron hall although muscular used to dress like a pimp, all those ghetto pimpalicious suits he used to wear used to make me narrow my eyes at him.

And then around the time he released the song and had the whole world crying for him, turns out he was a wife beater after all..arrggghhh it just ruined the song for me.

Rkelly stole more than his dressing style from Aaron Hall...
Rkelly's whole style includind what he is notorious for is a page out of Aaron hall's notebook

But gotta give it to em, they had pipes and they were it back in da day

Noni Moss said...

Loll - i like patra too - remember that song that was something like I want a ...(something something) ... teddy bear?

Pull up to my bumper was a cover of Grace Jones' song but I prefer Patra's version.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

pls send me a vid - - would like to hear it again.

Thoroughly enjoying your post.

Ms. May said...

Loved this song. I'm about to go investigate what in the hell happened to Patra. I just loved her...she was just unapologetically sexy and suggestive. I used to sit and just watch the dance moves from the
'pull up to my bumper" video for hours and wish I could move like that. LOL.

Uzo said...

@Noni: Those are the right words....I had to go and save that song onto my sytem..

@LB: Yes. it would be hard to not remember how. So bold that woman

@Soul: So i didnt know about the abuse thing. I knew he had kids but didnt know he hit women...

@Noni: Oh. Reminding me about Grace Jones. That was one very fierce woman. Love her.....

@Life: on its way to you

@Ms May: As soon as you figure out what happened to her, please share...I would also stare at her daning in awe. Wow....

Soul said...

Ahh Uzo.. there is a heck of a lot more about Aaron Hall that is really horrible. When I say RKelly took a leaf out of his book. I mena that in every sense of the word.

In any case,
Patra went back to Jamaica for a while, because she felt used by the industry, she got deep into religion and chilled for awhile, she opened a few businesses and I think she did a bit of producing.

However, she did release an album around 2004 or something like that called 'the great escape'. I keep forgetting to download it, but I intend to catch up on all my downloads this christmass so maybe I will.