Monday, December 18, 2006

Repost - July 10, 2006 (How it all began)

I am sure we have had dreams about people. Getting married or being with a special person. In your dreams, everything is great but you never see the face of this person that makes you feel content and secure. You wake up feeling so great and wishing it was real.

I know that some of my friends have had variations of this dream and its usually funny. It must be all this talk of weddings (I am planning a friend's wedding in december and will be a bridesmaid). I went to bed last night and considering how emotional i got over France's defeat, i expected to have a dream about goring Materazzi and stealing the 24 carat World Cup.

So wrong. I dreamt very vividly that i was getting married. I dreamt that i was staring at myself in my mom's mirror and she was lifting my veil over my face. My dad looked like he was going to cry and i looked radiant. I dreamt i was walking down the aisle, wanting to run to him - eager to marry him.

This is the part that freaks me out. He turns around and i can see his face. Its not Gary Dourdan. Its the face of someone i know. I woke up with a start and with my heart racing.
So what does this mean? Nothing? Something? Its quite laughable actually but......Well what do i do when i see him? I cant tell him this crap. But the image is so clear in my mind. What in the world?

I guess this will pass in a few days but i am a little freaked.......Weird.


Soul said...

Now, that is definitely weird and freaky.
i've never seen the face. never.

LondonBuki said...

Hmm... I think I remember reading this...

Weird, I haven't had a wedding dream, I wonder how I'd feel if that happened! And seeing someone I know!!! Freaky!


You are gonna be a bridesmaid at a wedding this month? And you are involved in planning as well? Well Done :-)

Noni Moss said...

hmmm - is the guy a friend of yours? havent had a wedding dream but I've dreamt of having a baby.
Go figure!

azuka said...

Is he cute? Is he the kind of guy you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole?