Thursday, August 16, 2007

A sign that the times have changed.....

We have all become jaded and suspicious. As a people.

2 cases in point:
  • I was watching a movie a few weeks ago - i dont remember the title. But i remember a really sweet scene where a little girl's grandfather lifted her into his arms. Placed one hand across her back and the other under her little bum. Sweet. But my initial reaction was why is his arm under her bum?
  • Yesterday, after work - at about 6pm, the daughter of a colleague dropped by and hung out for a bit with us while waiting for her dad to be ready. She is 5. She of course was playing and doing her thing. When another colleague O, who is a joy to be with actually began to play with her. You know, Tae-kwando and silliness. She starts to hit him over and over and in an attempt to make her sit still, he lifted her up. Since she is tall for her age, he scooped her up - one arm under her bum and the other across her back and dumped her on a table and ran away before she could jump down. So why on earth, that that strike me as weird and wrong?

I remember being younger and male relatives would hug, carry and throw me every which way and it was nothing. Now, people are so suspicious about people's motives. Justifiably so in the light of all the horror stories we hear about pedophiles.

Last week, i came across an article. Jermaine Jackson's ex girlfriend in addition to claiming that he isnt bankrupt, alleged that he had an unhealthy relationship with his kids because he slept in the same bed as they did.

Hold on. I can see how doing this might make sense to her - especially with brother Michael;'s issues. But a father cant sleep in the same bed as his kids anymore?

I am a wuss and for as long as i can remember, i have crawled into bed with my parents if i got scared. There are times when my mom has been out of town and i would crawl into bed with my dad just cos i was scared. Shucks...I did this earlier on this year. What does this now mean?

We have truly lost our innocence and that is quite scary....


Nonesuch said...

Yes we have indeed lost our innocence and that is the sad reality. I remember crawling into bed with my Dad also when Mummy travelled and I still did when i was home couple of months back even though i'm married wt 2 of my own.
But I also remember dirty perverted Uncles who we all said hello to from a distance cos u dont want them touching u with their filthy paws.
Imagine my shock when i got home from work sometimes last week and my 4 year old said to me, 'mum, P should me his 'kokoro'.(P is 14 year old boy who is the ward of my neigbour.) I'm glad my boy is open and can talk to me and i intend to keep it that way God help me. I told him its wrong for P to show him his Kokoro and he should not allow anyone touch his kokoro.i also asked if anyone else has done that and he answered back No only P and its wrong.I'm still reeling and ask all the what ifs.
All could I do to P was strongly warn him off my son and threaten to kill him if he shd as much lay a finger on my son again.I also gave him a dirty slap to wipe of the smug look off his face.P's care givers didnt see what the fuss was about afterall.
hubby is still angry.
we have indeed lost it and you are very right and not paranoid to more to these gestures.

azuka said...

I love children -- I really do -- but when any of them comes to me these days, I just turn away or act cold. God knows what people'd think...

Yeah, it's sad.

Akin said...

We have become cynical and it doesn't help with how society has changed over the years. There was a time that I used to love taking street photography and capture any random scene that I'd think is interesting. Now, the moment I see a kid about to enter the frame, I put my camera away. "A guy with a camera? That can only mean one thing!!!"

It's a damn shame...

Noni Moss said...

When you lift young children you out your arm under their bum so they are sitting on it - it gives you more support so you can hold them better. Especially as at that age, they squirm and wiggle a lot and they can be suprisingly heavy.

It is however a sign of our times when we have to view even the most innocent things with sucipions. We've become jaded and cynical and unfortunately, that's how it will be till we can be sure the world has been rid of every single paedophile there is.

adumaadan - Blacktinkerbell said...

This is pretty serious and I often wonder how paranoid I'm going to get with my own children...but right now, all I can think is, Uzo still crawls into bed with daddy?