Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monumental Soudbyte - 50

The series is halfway done and i racked my head to come up with a song from my list that would befit the half way status...And i think i found the perfect song....

2pac - Hit 'em up

This is the song that many people say tipped the East Coast / West Coast battle over the edge and ultimately led to the deaths of Tupac and Biggy.

Obviously a diss song that really got personal with the infamous lines about 2pac sleeping with Faith Evans. I have no comments about this song even though i know all the words. Well actually, i think this song went tooo far. But hey, 2pac said it was just a regular battle song. I mean talking about a member of Mobb Deep's sickle cell aneamia condition was a bit much i thought.

Musically, if you like old school stuff, you will be able to head Dennis Edwards' Dont look any further as the the foundation to this track.

Love it or hate it, this song is monumental for sheer guts, publicity and all the stuff that followed. Enjoy!

*You can download this song if you follow the link under the soundbyte widget on this page*


Soul said...

This song was the hardest song I knew at the time...
I laughed when I heard this song..
and then I realised.. shit he was actually talking bout Biggie and Faith Evans...
what the heck kinda tomfoolery is that.
The thing is the beat is what made this song hot for me..

The song kinda made me think that Pac acted like a teenager..but then that's what most rap has become though, school boy antics.

Noni Moss said...

You put up the instrumental version!

Nyemoni said...

Cant believe I missed this one...I know all the lyrics off hand...all the curses as well...lol!