Monday, December 17, 2007

Monumental Soundbyte - 88

Roberta Flack & Maxi Priest - Set the night to music

This soothing, soothing track laid forgotten in my collection until it popped up during shuffle play a few weeks ago.

This is an amazing amazing song. And its monumental - well because i like it a lot....LOL.

Maxi Priest and Roberta Flack - not a combination i would have thought of but the result is so easy on the ears.

Listen to it and i dare you not to have this on repeat a few times...


1 comment:

Daddy's Girl said...

Love this song. Perfect mood-setter for the evenings. Like you said Roberta and Maxi is such an odd choice for a duet, but they pulled it off beautifully and produced a lovely and unique song.