Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Monumental Soundbyte - 81

Stevie Wonder - Ribbon in the sky
One of my favorite songs truly.
Of course Steveland Hardaway Judkins - later changed to Stevanland Morris is an icon. Winner of a whooping 25 Grammy Awards, member of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and a host of other accolades.
This song was released in 1982 and the video for this song is so amazingly beautiful. Find it on youtube if you can cos i dont know how to embed those widget thingys. This is one of those songs that is so beautiful because of the lyrics and delivery....so enjoy!
Oh so long for this night I prayed
That a star would guide you my way
To share with me this special day
Where a ribbon's in the sky for our love
If allowed may I touch your hand
And if pleased may I once again
So that you too will understand
There's a ribbon in the sky for our love
This is not a coincidence and far more than a lucky chance
But what is that was always meant
Is our ribbon in the sky for our love
We can't lose with God on our side
We'll find strength in each tear we cry
From now on it will be you and I
And our ribbon in the sky


Pix Gremlin (akin) said...

Personally, I don't think Stevie Wonder bettered himself after the album 'Songs of the Key of life'. Classic collection of stuff...

Sha said...

OMGGGGGG.. dats ma song rite thurr!!!! thanks for d comment. enjoy the rest of d week.

Jaycee said...

awww...love me some Stevie Wonder romantic songs (loved the ribbon-in-the-sky song)...

hi Uzo...

May your week turn out great!!! :)