Wednesday, April 11, 2007

On Gerard Butler / King Leonidas / 300

I LOVE THIS MAN & 300 but just because i can, i wish to tell you about this man - he's smart people - i just lifted this off Wikipedia
Born in Glasgow, Scotland to Margaret and Edward Butler, who are of Irish descent. Gerard is the youngest of three children. He spent the first few years of his life in Montreal, Canada before returning to Paisley, Scotland after his parents' separation. He grew up with his mother, who remarried a few years later. He had no contact with his father until age 16. Butler studied law at Glasgow University, where he received top grades and served as President of the school's Law Society and worked as a trainee solicitor after graduation.

His first acting roles were in the stage plays
Coriolanus and in Trainspotting, after which he landed his first film role in Mrs. Brown (1997). While filming the movie in Scotland with Dame Judi Dench and Billy Connolly, he was enjoying a picnic with his mother near the River Tay when they heard the shouts of a young boy who had been swimming with a friend who was in trouble. Butler jumped into the river and consequently saved the young boy from drowning. He received a "Certificate of Bravery" from the Royal Humane Society.

That same year he appeared in Tomorrow Never Dies, with his first major role being the title character in Dracula 2000 (2000). His breakthrough role came when he played the title role of Attila in the United States television serial Attila (2001). The movie Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003) in which Butler starred opposite Angelina Jolie was the one that put him on the map. He also appeared in the United Kingdom television serial The Jury.
He began taking formal singing lessons before he was even cast for the title role in Joel Schumacher's film rendition of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera, training for hours a day from January 2003 to June 2004. He became very close to his co-star Emmy Rossum, whom he sees as a little sister.

In 2005 he was featured in the release of Beowulf & Grendel in Canada, followed by the U.S. and other countries.
Butler plays the Spartan King Leonidas in 300, an adaptation of the Frank Miller graphic novel (also called 300) based on the heroism of 300 elite Spartan warriors at the ancient Battle of Thermopylae in Greece. Filming took place from October 2005 - January 2006 in Montreal. "300" was released in theaters and in IMAX, in the US on March 9, 2007. Despite mixed reviews, the movie made box-office history for the month of March.
He has confirmed he is in talks to film a remake of Escape from New York where he will star in the Kurt Russell role of Snake.


Daddy's Girl said...

Nice one, Uzo. Thanks for letting me end my day with a smile on my face.

LondonBuki said...

Uzo... you will NOT believe what happened to me and my friends today!

We bought tickets for a 6.30 showing... walked into the screen we were directed to and we were wondering why they were fighting and killing already... we sat for about 45 minutes and I was wondering where all the hot bodies were... why were all the hot bodies being STABBED and SLICED?

And then we found out... we walked into the one that started at 5.20 so we were watching the second half of the movie! How bloody annoying! I blame the cinema staff!!! We left after that.

I think we'll go see it again but I am a bit scarred - all that killing and blood.. I didn't have time to admire the hotties :-(

Vera Ezimora said...

Sadly, I am yet to see the movie...although I really wanna see it! The man is fine sha... and obviously smart too. Good 4 him

soul said...

you freak.. now share him.
I have to say I can't I like his tautness. :D

Unknown said...

Hmmm, sounds like you have a teeny tiny crush lol! You can't make me see that film if you paid me ... and not for all of the gorgeous, fit men, in gay porn movie outfits in the world!

Anonymous said...

GREAT review of Gerry Butler's career.
BUT, BUT, BUT you forgot to include one of his BEST EVER movies, "Dear Frankie".
It is a subtle, understated, very human film.
And Gerry is so male and credible as The Stranger.

Bella Naija said...

We 300 fans will understand...
Y'all NEED to watch this movie for real.
@LondonBuki....that sucks! but u still need to go see it from the beginning to the very end.

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Noni Moss said...

Loll - Onada I will have to fight you for him. Well after I've knocked Naomi out ... (they are apparently dating)