Friday, September 21, 2007

Sports Hotness

I come to the end of this very fulfilling series. And i am ending with my pick of the hottest men in Sports. You cannot imagine how hard it was for me to not choose yummy body pictures. *Sigh*. Enjoy!

David Beckham: There are really no words...I mean its Becks

Fredrik Ljungberg: Swedish hottie that plays for West Ham

Ian Thorpe: The Torpedo - recently retired Australian Olympic medal swimmer

Jeremy Wariner: young sunglasses wearing track star...

Michael Phelps: Olympic medal winner in Swimming for the USA

Jesse Palmer: was on The Bachelor and used to play for the New York Giants

Kelly Slater: very hot surfer

Michael Vick: yes he is in some trouble now...BUT this Atlanta Falcons quarterback is some hot stuff

Rafael Nadal: The hot spaniard is ranked number 2 in the world (that would be men's tennis ladies)

Reggie Bush: How can this piece of chocolate goodness be born in 1985? He plays for the New Orleans Saints

Tom Brady: Hotness...Plays for the New England Patriots

Zinedine Zidane: ZiZu....All tall hotness. I was so so mad that his final appearance was marred by the head butting incident (which i think was justified..LOL). Must be his Algerian background that gives him that darkness that i like


~Mimi~ said...

he he he..i'm coming back to comment on this...i love sportsmen..

where is ANDY RODDICK!!!!!!!!!! HE's my baby!

Daddy's Girl said...

Loving this... lots and lots and lots of hotness.... Uzo, did you just say this was the last in the series? Boo hoo hoo.... but why?

Soul said...

erm.. Uzo..
Me and you will fight.. where in this list is thierry Henri?
Please rectify this with automatic alacrity :D

I dig allt he swimmers from the front and the side, but unfortunately their rear ends leave a heck of a lot to be desired. hmmph! they are positively tiny.

Reggie and Mike do nothing for me.. they are just too too buff. It's too much man lol..

Naijadude said...

David Beckham sure got my vote.... what is it about Beckham, everyone cant seem to let go!

laspapi said...

Thierry Henry didn't make your list?

I'll go with the entire female US soccer team

vindication through innocence said...

i was all getting happy and then i see zidane!!as in, hes a mad footballer and all but in the looks dept-not that bounz tho!!-but who am i to disagree-i fancied Andre Agassi and Tony Blair!!i will sharrap!!-and where is Mr Henry?thats deep you know!


For some reason, none of these guys made me look twice. Oh well....

Anonymous said...

Why am I seldom attracted to African-American men? They just do nothing for me. It's a whole different story with Nigerian men. I LOVE my Nigerian men! Back to the list, David Beckham is THE shit and Tom Brady is such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Michael Vick is a murderer. Anyone that can shoot, drown and electrocute dogs for not winning a dog fight deserve to be severly punished. Anyone that would put dogs in a fight to start with should be punished. There is a strong correlation between people that torture animals and those that torture humans. He shouldn't be on that list. He's a disappointment!

Vickii said...

Errr Thierry Henry, Leyton Hewitt .. seriously Uzo, why are they missing from your list huh???