Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Music Hotness

Its the turn of Music's Hotness to take center stage today...Obviously this list isnt exhaustive but i am sure we can only handle just so much...Enjoy!

Tyrese: Since he sung his way into my heart with that Coca Cola commercial and Sweet Lady, this man can do no wrong...Not too sure about this (Tank, Tyrese and Ginuwine) group but this young man is in very very good shape and i likey

Tim McGraw: the hotness that is Faith Hill's husband/....I see this man and think of all the romance novels about cowboys....A 10 gallon hat has not looked hotter on anyone

Tank: "Maybe i deserve", "Please dont go" and "My heart"....enough said

Shaggy: his smile, his hair and of course his swagger

Robin Thicke: Since he was just known as Thicke and had long long hair, i have had my eyes on this man....So for those of you that dont know this, Mr Thicke didnt just come on the scene

Ralph Tresvant: Have loved this man since the early days of New Edition...Go on Mr Sensitivity

Prince: Sure he wears heels and has a perm...but no man comes even close to sexiness that is this musical genius....

Ne-Yo: Have you seen this young cat smile? And he dances really well....

Marc Anthony: The latin sultry hotness that is JLo's man....If you havent heard a Marc Anthony album, you are missing out,....He is dark and intense and just tooo hot

Lyfe Jennings: For his voice, his life and the song "Must be Nice"

Kevin: From The Backstreet Boys.....tall, dark and hot....

Jon B: where are you man?

Joe: the hotness that is this man...his songs, his general smoothness. All i ask is for someone to bring this man to me and have him serenade for an hour or 2

Jamie Foxx: a funny man who can sing, act and play piano? What else does a girl need?

Jaheim: his voice (oh the voice) and for the song Forever

J Holiday: For the song Bed....Enough said...

Diddy: I have loved this man since i realized that my childhood crush looks exactly like him. Of course his bad boy status is a trip too

Dave Koz: the smoothness of his music, his penchant for black clothing, his smile and for my favorite song ever - The Dance

Chris Daughtry: American Idol reject..The voice, his bald look, his confidence and the song Home

Common: the hotness that is this man. Yes your music is great. But your hotness and fineness and swagger....

Collie Budz: hot, hot young man from New Orleans. He lived in the carribean (i forget what island) hence his patois and reggaeton sound

Chris Botti: sexy sexy trumpeter

Chad Kroegar: Lead man for Nickelback. The hair, the eyes, the voice, the way he hold his guitar...

Jon Bon Jovi: I have loved this man since i was too young to know better. The wild hair, the way he hold his guitar...then he gre up and became sophisticated...I still shiver

Babyface: He is tooo cute. He sings and writes the most amazing songs and plays a couple of instruments too...What's not to love?

Alejandro Sanz: This latin piece of hotness has an amazing voice and has an amazing smile


akin aworan said...

From a musical perspective, it would have to be Dave Koz and Chris Botti. Then followed by Common, Robin Thicke, Babyface and Jon B. That's it.. :-)

OUI C'EST MOI said...

jaheim's music is great because it hasnt been refined, there is something raw about him

Soul said...

Now you know...
Prince is THE man I was just about to post some of his stuff up.
That man just does it for me. Musically and 'othercally' lol.
I can't go a week without listening to some prince song, and musicaology is hot!
'Call my name' is just like the best ever..
I don't even wanna go back to old school.. but for those days when you are day dreaming.. 'strollin' is perfect!.
that's the thing I dig about prince..
he makes songs that can fit into musicals, grandpa style, sexy, freaky, damn near debauched, uplifting, political, concious...
Prince runs the entire gamut of musicality and 'musicology'.
he also has that cockiness that is just soo assuring like yeah... I'm man enough to do this and what?.
you think you're bad.. guess what?
I'm gonna wear your girls heels, flick my perm in your face and still have your girl screaming my name..
That's prince.
And gosh doesn't he just know how to make a song, write a song, produce a song, entertain.

Prince.. is the man.

He can get it non stop, all day every gat damn day and twice on Mondays, 3 times on thursdays and 4 times on every gatdamn sundays

Soul said...

okay phew.. now that's over.

I think chad from Nickleback is Samooooking!
I really dug tyreese in the cocacola commercial lol.. he looked all nice and harmless.
Tank has such a badass voice, his falsetto is off the hook and that body Jaysus.. abeg please don't hjust take the wheel take the whole damn car!
Shaggy just looks like one of my pals lol.

Remember robin thicke with the bad blonde blowout?. lol.. gosh those were the days.
I like lyfe Jennings, but the 'pheonix' album urrgghhhh I just feel he keeps trying to keep it gangsta and his voice is too much for that. also I found the sound a lil too monotonous on phoenix and the bloody interludes drove me nuts!

But on the first album... 'hypothetically of course' and 'made up my mind' are my favs.

jon B needs to come claim his Jewish boy blue eyed soul mantle with the quickness.. Gosh Jon B's vocals were just soo cool. smooth voice, musically giifted dang!.

Jaheim sigh.. not for me, he just looks one step away from a big daddy pimpalicious ranger lol and Jamie Foxx's hairline scares the beejezus outta me.

Daddy's Girl said...

Loving this Uzo... just loving it... keep the hotness coming...

~Mimi~ said...

Jon Bon Jovi

Dave Kozzzz

Chad Kroeger


My mennnnnnn.. lol

Mona said...

ahh my still dey there

mennnnnnnn this hotlist is hot!

catwalq said...


Queen of My Castle said...

OMG...I am so digging your blog, and I agree with every single comment about these talented hotties. I swear I have been listening to Jon B's "Pretty Girl" for 3 days straight, no lie. Joe "Good Girls" I Nickleback "Saving Me" I could go on forever! Loves it!!!!!Yes, Prince is the epitome of sex appeal! Darlin Nikki


Ol' girl...
u try oo
where did u find all this pics from
u really took ur time
i agree with all ur comments on them but where are the females....

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

common him
kevin from backstreet boys...HOT

Noni Moss said...

Hmmm - I worry about your eye-sight sometimes - Jamiew Foxx? Neyo?? Ewwwwwww! Neyo is even slightly better cos he writes beautiful music but still ... SERIOUSLY?

SET said...


Anonymous said...

oww ma gudnes, girl this is wrong. this has to be wrong. oh the hotnessssssss!!!
lurve ne-yo. shaggy's cuteee! omg u brought kevin back. and chad kroeger... THE hotness has arrived.
or make that haVE arrived

Anonymous said...

@noni: step back! did u jus mess with MY MAN? and not jamie foxx eew. but girl.. he wites fantastic music, and is cuuuuuute. so keep your 'eew'ing paws off neyo!!!!!

Omodudu said...

Shouldn't you be doing blogsville hotness. I sign up. Antonio got nothing on the dudmaster....

Vickii said...

I feel you on Joe, Robin Thicke, Common and from the BSB's it had to be Brian Litrell for me! I was in love with him.

But Marc Anthony??? Uzo, if you take down the picture, I promise not to mention it again, it'll be oru little secret. He's ugly!