Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Welcome to Blogger - Words from Olawunmi

I promised to write the intro for her new blog a week ago. I have been tardy, but she has been understanding, my friend of long standing.

We’d been trying to get her to move her blog to a more favourable locale for a while – free email providers do not necessarily good blogsites make, just ask that mad man Delot, whose msn blog was so warped that blogger chewed the damn thing up and refused to spit it out. That’s why blogger is so sick these days, from ingesting delot’s msn-tainted ramblings of pure genius (the writing that is, not the msn bit).

We harried and hassled her. I because the yahoo 360 thingie was a nuisance to comment on. She refused to budge, because of her attachment to her yahoo avatar. What? Strange things happen in Uzo’s world. Finally, the rays of reason’s light penetrated the fog of her attachment to inanimate pieces of html coding, and she decided to give blogger a try. Welcome to the real world o. finally!

I even promised to do an intro, as part of the package to sweeten the deal. But after she finally capitulated, my diligence and dedication had sadly departed my being for a brief period. I let my commitment slide, until she had to remind me in that subtle (yeah right), inimitable way that women have of getting their point across to us poor menfolk. I realised that you never keep a beautiful woman waiting, especially one with Uzo’s (imagined) powers of persuasion and revenge (lol), and so I got my cute little ikebe to sit still for a minute and write these words.

Uzo is a great writer. And why not, daughter of the writer that she is, how could she not be? I am hoping that she might continue to enrich my days with her thoughts on this new blog (her demanding employers permitting). She’s also a phenomenal woman, driven, goal oriented and over-educated (how do you find the time?)

Welcome to Uzo’s world.

(Uzo, am I out of the doghouse now?). Sheesh, things we do for the love of our country.

(if I come over as fawning, its because she paid me handsomely to do this piece. You know good men are for sale afterall. please put my cheque in the post, I believe I have more than earned the bribe. Lol)


Anonymous said...

Is this the lucky man in your life? Can i ask what powers of persuasion you used to get him to write this? Does he have a blog as well?

Onya Baquebeich said...

Olawunmi has come and left a turd on your blog. not good, not good at all.

Uzo said...

Ehm Delot: Would turd be what i think it is? He He He

Anonymous said...

Uzo....i didnt know you knew this guy? It seems like he is a little more than a friend....We must talk...

This is Hajiya by the way

Uzo said...

Okay. This blog has generated so many emails and comments from people i know and i figure i might say this just once.

LAWUNMI & I ARE JUST FRIENDS. For you guys - especially Hajiya and Ari that keep seeing not only a relationship but wedding bells, ehm....

Happy now?