Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Prayer

Father Lord in Heaven
I ask for this with every fiber of my being
You know that i have moved my vacation from April till now
I am tired, stressed and fed up
I need a break
I finally have a date of the 21st which is next thursday set to be on a magic plane to persia
I ask you Lord to use your infinite powers
To remove any obstacle that can prevent me from leaving on that day
Any work related issues that want to arise
Father i ask that you squash them
Any spirit that whispers my name to any of my bosses
That will lead to a request being made for me to postpone my vacation AGAIN
Lord, bind and rebuke that spirit
For the South Africans that want to have a meeting on that THURSDAY
Father, i ask that you rearrange their plans
Father, let them see fit to come earlier
All this i ask through your son


Anonymous said...

lolol...i was about to say amen, but i recon you should know God's plans are best.

Olawunmi said...

lol. keep praying...

Uzo said...

Its really not funny you guys. I am so serious...Still praying fervently