Monday, September 18, 2006

Shady Happenings!

For the past few months, i have been working offsite. At a project office in Ikoyi. Its located in one of those complexes that have lots of shops/offices/outlets in them. About 2 months ago, about 2 offices down, a new tenant moved in. A computer store. I never paid any attention to them until we had an emergency mouse issue. So i strutted off there to get a replacement. The interior of this store was well interesting to say the least. The store was crammed full of Plasma screen, DVD players and a few computer accessories. I noticed that the store attendants wore cute shirts - sort of like soccer jerseys. Instead of the name of the players, you had the name of the store and numbers. Cute. I asked if they had a replacement for the mouse and they said yes. But at their alternative location. As i was chatting with the assistant, i noticed another door that was slightly ajar. There were smaller boxes and a young man sitting at some table yakking on a cell phone.

I went back to my office and mentioned the weird shop to my colleagues and that was that. A few days later, i noticed this gorgeous Mercedes Benz SLK convertible parked in the lot. Driven by Y - a very young (about 25) man that seemed to run the computer shop. That night, a black BMW 7 Series (2006) model was parked there as well. Both of these cars had personalized license plates - the name of the store followed by the number 1 &2 respectively. As in all cases, the domestic staff began to tell us stories. Stories that these young men were up to no good. That they were 419 boys. I think we had figured it out by then.

In all the time we have been here, we have never seen anyone buying anything from that store.

Now i usually head home at about 8pm. The traffic would have died down by then and i can have a relatively straight drive home. But last Friday, i stepped out with my colleague who usually rides home with me and the sight at the parking lot was staggering. The lot was full of cars. I mean cars. There was an Audi A6, 2 BMWs, 2 Mercedes Benzes, A couple of jeeps including a white Land Rover Discovery with white leather interior. There was even a BMW powerbike. My car was sandwiched between an Audi TT and a jeep of some sort.

There were all sorts of guys hanging around in the parking lot as well. Some were smoking. Some were chatting with some very well dressed ladies. It was like a scene out of a movie. Got into my car and as i got to the gate, i aske dthe security guard what was happening. He said that the computer store was having a meeting. What kind of meeting would this be at that time of the night and the attendees are all young men driving very very flashy cars?

Things are happening.


DiAmOnD hawk said...

you have to be careful around them eye contact..

if you even reported your suspicions to the police would anything be done?

Uzo said...

I say hi to the assistants and the young one with the SLK. What exactly would i tell the police. LOL. Who knows with these young boys...

Anonymous said...

Now now, lets not be presumptious about these things. I'm a young man and i drive a Mercedes SLK convertable AND an audi TT, i got all these things through legitimate means...then i wake up and get into my banger of a Honda.

diamond said...

lol @ Delot

LondonBuki said...

LOL @ Delot! Police ke? Is it not Lagos?

Uzo, abeg stay far far away from them.

Computer store that doesn't sell mouse ke???

Lee said...

real shaddy... hmm
Be careful..