Monday, January 21, 2008

An ode to me....

I am just absolutely and wonderfully made.
Walking past a mirror and i stop dead in my tracks
Who on earth is that stunning gorgeous woman that is behind me?
I whip around and see no one
I walk back
Face the mirror and see myself
Then the smile...
Its me
With hair black and pulled back into a ponytail
Doesnt cascade in bouncy curls down the middle of my back
But its mine and its thick and full and past my shoulders
Brown eyes that crinkle at the corners when i smile
Some say, i will get crow's feet early
But i dont care
For my eyes are a mirror to my soul
A reflection of all i feel
My nose
Cute as a button
Used to wish i had a fulani type nose like Oyinkan
Slim and pointed
But this little nose is my mom's nose
My lips almost always smiling
Not the fullest lips in the world
They dont reduce men to zombies when i pout
But the words that come from these lips
Soothing words, smart words, insane hilarious things, dumb things
And my smile - all me
My lips made for kissing that one i hold dear
My neck
Not long and lean like i sometimes wish it was
But it holds my head up
I can turn my neck left, right, up, down
Which is a blessing in itself
As so many people wish they could
My arms and my hands
Not skinny like i crave sometimes
But they have magic
For in these arms i have held people that needed comforting
My arms are always ready with a hug for anyone who wants one
My hands clasp tight to things i hold dear
They gesticulate madly and animatedly when i talk
All me
My fingers - not thin
But i consider them cute with the little nails attached
That have people asking me if they are real
I dont need artificial nails cos God has blessed me with cute strong nails
That come in useful to scratch my MTN recharge card
Or to graze the skin of someone i am flirting with
Or in the heat of passion, the rake down his back
My breasts
Not as itty bitty as i wish they were
For i have passed the age when the attention was a thrill
But the words of envy from other women
That would pay thousands of dollars to be as well endowed as i am
For these breasts are a symbol of my womanhood
To nurture my babies when the time comes
My waist
Not 24 inches like the models in the magaizines i read religiously
But i see my waist as a testament that i am human and fallible
That i need to exercise and monitor closely my food intake
But where it used to consume my every waking thought
I realise that people dont see me the way i see myself
That when i am hugged and arms wrap around this chubby waist of mine
Its more comforting than feeling bones through a shirt
My back
Well i dont see all of it
But what i see of it is smooth
But my back is more than smoothness
It sit up straight when i notice my back slouching
When i have been working too hard, its starts to hurt
Letting me know i need to lie down
My thighs
Not in proportion to my upper body
Wondered and used to wail to the heavens about the injustice of it all
Why cant i find a dress that fits right?
Or why must a suit fit on top but drop to my ankles at the bottom
But now, these thighs make me smile
All flawless brown skin
For they do not see the sun
So the skin is soft and supple
And during my workouts, i realise how strong these thighs are
Making lower body workouts a breeze
My legs
Not 36 inches of brown legs
But they carry me around
Up and down the stairs
My legs move when i want to dance
And on those rare days when i wear something short
The gasps at the sight of my luscious, smooth legs
Make me smile
My feet
Almost the favorite part of my body
My beautiful feet
Pampered and spoiled with regular pedicures
Little toe nails always painted
Favorite colors are shades of deep red
And when these feet slide into any of the fabulous pairs of shoes
They change all of me
They become sexy and minxy in 4 inch strappy heels
They walk with purpose and power in 3 inch power pumps
They become carefree and girly in flats and slippers
And they become militant in trainers
All of these body parts
Beautiful on their own
But together - stunningly gorgeous
All me
Absolutely wonderfully made in God's image
And beautiful


DiAmOnD hawk said...

a wonderful ode Uzo... not sure how long it took to get to this point... but this is absolutely beautiful... you are wonderfully made! :-)

Bella Naija said...

Your confidence is inspiring!

LondonBuki said...

This is a beautiful, wonderful, well written ode to Uzo...


Anonymous said...

Uzoma, I love it! Oya, welcome to the "I know I'm hot" gang! HAHA!

disgodkidd said...


kuesooM said...

Wow! You are most definitely talented.

I hope I get to this point!

Jaycee said...

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...


"That come in useful to scratch my MTN recharge card"LOL,U GIVE ME JOKES

that was truly beautiful sha.

Daddy's Girl said...

Beautiful, Uzo. Simply beautiful.

Ravi said...

After reading your article, I dedicate James Blunt's song "You're Beautiful" to you :o)

Take care!

SET said...



u just had to out a girl ehn?? trust me having 36inches isnt all its cut out to be, its a real bitch getting pants that fit!!!
nice one babes.
u r beatiful, inside and out.

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

You...muz be blushin' now...!!! so BAP(Beautiful Black Princess!!!

Vickii said...

This is beautiful Uzo ... it's really great that you can look in the mirror and see how much of you there is that you love ... all women should feel this confidence about themselves.

ebony said...

Well, you go girl!

Alan said...

Perhaps the readers are due for a picture?