Thursday, November 29, 2007

Monumental Soundbyte - 78

Prince - Little Red Corvette

Another number from one of the sexiest men that ever walked the face of the earth.

This song was Prince's introduction to a white audience because of the rock elements to the song. It was released in 1983 and at the time was Prince's first song to reach the top 10 in the US. There is a kicking guitar solo by Dez Dickerson which makes me wish i could play the guitar everytime i hear it.

This song is simply about a one night stand with a pretty "loose" woman but as much as Prince enjoys it, he talks about her slowing down and finding a love that lasts.

Prince is just a genius. He says that he got his inspiration for this song while taking a nap in background singer Lisa Coleman's corvette after a hectic recording session. Every time he took a nap, more of the song would come to him....LOL. The video for this song was also the second video by a black artist to see so much airplay (MJ's Billie Jean was the first).

In the 90's Chevrolet ran a campaign using antique corvettes with the byline - they dont wirte songs about volvos. Chevrolet also used this ad during one of the grammy award ceremonies in the 90's.

Now this wouldnt be a Prince song if there were no veiled sexual references. Listen to the song and see if you can figure out what the little red corvette is. One hint - its not a car. LOL



Soul said...

you know...
I've said this before and I'll say it again..
Prince is that man. he can get it any damn day of the week and twice on Wednesday and 3 times on sunday just to keep thangs sweet..

Damn i've got it bad for that man, his artistry is just amazing. No one plays guitar like prince..
Not even Hendrix.. yeah I said it.
Not even good ole jimi plays guitar like prince.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

i love prince... i agree.. he is such a sexyyyyyyy morra! lmao@souls comment... i knew she'd say that

laspapi said...

Prince? Sexy? Great music though.

The Last King Of Scotland said...

great piece uzo on prince

The Last King Of Scotland said...

soul i disagree big time. jimi hendrix is definitely more talented on the guitar. definitely!

laspapi said...

I tagged you, Uzo.

Sherri said...

yes o
prince is it!