Monday, March 10, 2008


Its Monday morning
And i dont want to leave your side
We have to get up to start our day
But we cant seem to move

You woke me up at 4am
With sweet kisses down the arch of my back
I noticed the Ac was not on
So why did it feel so cool?

You whispered in my ear
'Baby, do you want some water?'
I whispered back 'No'
You got up to get some water for yourself
And i watched you move

My eyes had re-adjusted to the darkness
And i could make you out
I wouldnt have needed the light anyway
Because every inch of you i know

I smiled to myself as i watched you take a sip of water
My heart filled with so much love
Filled with awe that you are all mine
That i am the one that gets to share your nights
The one that you call your heart

On your way back to me
You open the blinds and the windows
The room is filled with the blue flash of lightening
I hear the rumbling of thunder
The sound of rain
This is not a light drizzle
This is a major storm
And i smile

I love the rain
It distracts me
Making me useless as i stare dreamily into space or out of a window
These days
It rains and i think of you

You walk back towards our bed
And get under the covers with me
My body with a mind of its own
Curls itself around you
Unable to get close enough
Your body adjusts to meet mine
And i smile
Surely, nothing can feel better than this

You kiss me
A deep, soul searching, toe tingling kiss
That has me moaning
You whisper 'i wish we didnt have to go to work'
I nod and pull your head back to mine

No words are spoken as our bodies speak
We tell each other the things that we cannot find the words to say
In the most intimate way
We re-affirm our love for one another
Fingers interlaced
Rapid breaths
Moans and screams
Sweat drenched bodies
In a primal dance
To the music of thunder and pouring rain

Tender kisses and lots of 'I love you's'
Some tickling and giggling
I make fun of you ugly feet
You tickle me with them
You say something about my hair and medusa
And i say 'you love my hair'

Silence as we fall asleep
Wrapped in each others arms
Content and secure

The alarm goes off at 6
I contemplate flinging it across the room
I make a move to turn it off
And your arms tighten around me in your sleep
I stop moving
And i settle back down to the warmth of your arms
Where i belong

I smile to myself
One day wont be the end of the world
When we wake, we wake
Call in sick
Spend the whole day at home
In bed
In our pyjamas
Or nothing at all

Its Monday morning
Its raining
I dont want to leave you side

Alright. Another Inspired post. This time blame it on the rain (oooh..Milli Vanilli song). I love the rain. I am at my most unproductive when it rains. I smile foolishly all the time. Stare into space or out of the window. The darker it gets, the better. I love the smell of rain on the earth. I love the fact that rain is life and fertility. I love being by myself when it rains. At home - reading something, or watching something, wearing my socks and buried underneath my duvet. When it rains, i open my blinds so i can see the lightening and watch the rain fall. Honestly though, rain just makes me want to hold and be held. It evokes love and contentment for me. I have tried to understand where my love for rain comes from and i cant figure it out.

Have a great week.....


Nyemoni said...

Uzo.....I suspect there'sa something something you're not telling us!
But I like your mood's like a perpetual cloud 9...I wish I could be on that cloud with you...Enjoy!

doll said...

i love rain also...but not on monday morning

Anonymous said...

I just asked u if its the same rain that we experience... lol... this is beautiful though... from the begining to the very end... though the rain doesnt inspire this kind of feeling in me... i LOve the things that do...(ur the only person besides myself whom i know still likes milli vanilli...)

Afrobabe said...

I almost called in sick as well....the rain...they promised a storm, why the hell did it drizzle???

Maybe if I had a partner.....

webround said...

thought it was all about chargeability for consultants. pray mademoiselle, where will you be charging "this rain and special moment.." to? lol

have a great week

Kpakpando said...

Kai, you almost make me wish it was raining today.

In my head and around me said...

This same rain that terrorizes me in my sleep (because of the traffic I know will ensue) is capable of inspiring this? LOL!

And to think that it was a light to medium shower. I wonder what you will come up with when there is a rainstorm.

Great post. Gives vivid ideas.

Anonymous said...

lol..i remember that sone blame it on the rain rain rain!!

nice post!

Jaycee said...

"Honestly though, rain just makes me want to hold and be held."

Honestly speaking, ME TOO!!! My sentiments exactly. Oh, I'm so in love with rain. Anytime it rains, my eyes slowly close to savor the moment. I always feel it's a time to open the windows just a little bit to sniff the smell of rain, to enjoy the breeze, and lay down on a soft bed and go to sleep. I can never UNDERESTIMATE rain...and you just composed my sentiments abt rain!

Lolllll....I loveeeeeeeeeeee this so much!!!! :)

And Uzo, u've been sounding like u're in love lately...hmmm. Looks like love is knocking on ur door...

Sara said...

Hmm, you love the rain. I'll think of you next time I' jumping through puddles on my way to work..........