Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Monumental Soundbyte - 66

Bad English - When i see you smile

This song has haunted me since my childhood. And i think a few people know this story.

In the days of Sunday Rendezvous on NTA Channel 10, this song was a favorite. But sung by a woman and a reggae version. And somehow i learnt the song and would actually sing it in the "raz" way she did.

Last year, i bought a compilation cd of power ballads and then this song came on. I was stunned. And stopped in my tracks. Went through the liner notes and saw that Bad English actually did this song in 1988. The song was written by one of the best songwriters of our time - Diane Warren.

I eventually shared this song with a few friends. And my friend O told me about another version of this song by Uncle Sam (remember him? One of the brothers of one of the Boyz 2 Men guys). He sent me the song and if it was even possible, i fell in love a little bit more. Uncle Sam's version is from the Touched by an Angel soundtrack and its magnificent.

This is one of those songs that speaks through its here they are. Enjoy

Sometimes i wonder how i'd ever make it through
Through this world without having you
I just wouldn't have a clue
Sometimes it seems like this world's closing in on me
And there's no way of breaking free
Then i see you reach out for me

Oh sometimes i wanna give up
Wanna give in
Wanna quit the fight
Then one look at you baby
Can make everything alright
Make everything alright

When i see you smile
I can face the world
Oh, you know i can do anything
When i see you smile
I see a ray of light
Oh i see it shining right through the rain
When i see you smile
Baby when i see you smile at me

Baby there's nothing in this world that could ever do
What the touch of your hand can do
It's like nothing i ever knew
And when the rain is fallin'
I don't feel it
'coz you're here with me
And one look at you baby is all i ever need
It's all i ever need


Mona said...

oh my goodness i didnt even remember uncle sam

u this baybe lol and sunday rendezvous...oooo u don got me started

TLK said...

diane warren is heavy.....unbreak my heart.

Mona said...

another tune hehe