Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Monumental Soundbyte - 64

Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman (Medley)

If you havent heard Betty Wright before - quick - rush off and download something from her.

I mean it. This woman, this tough talking sass oozing, grab them by the balls woman is the real deal. Her song "Tonight's the night" has been one of my soundbytes but this song is sheer genius.

The song is pretty long - almost 12 minutes long but its a fun song. Like she is telling a story. But what trips me about this song is that ....Okay. The song is like a tribute to tough women. Women who have been through a lot of stuff but come out better and stronger. So towards the end of the song, she begins to list a few clean up women and they are well known people. As she says the name, she does an imitation of this person and its so eerie that she is spot on. Listen to the song to get it.



ababoypart2 said...

Betty Wright - loved her to bits. My best track - Tonight's the night

Soul said...

Uzo.. do you remember...
Mr big Stuff?
No pain no gain?
girls you can't do what the guys do

My fav has to be 'nop pain no gain' this womans vocie is amazing.
When I heard Joss Stone, I thought.. why does she sound so familiar.. and then it hit me, she souded like betty Wright.
i checked out her liner sleeves and realised that Betty Wright produced her first album.


The Last King Of Scotland said...

shes hot